Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hungary Trip Number 3 Part One

So I am finally updating my blog after several months. School kind of got in the way and now I have 5 countries to catch up on! I will slowly update for those of you who were avid readers while I was gone!

So the morning after I arrived back in Vienna from Bulgaria, I took the 7 AM train to Budapest to visit Nora's family one last time before I left! I barely made the train because my housemother stopped me before I left. Then, the train was at the very end of the platform after a night train so I basically sprinted onto the train, sat down and it left. I read Harry Potter for the ride there. After seeing the 6th movie I really wanted to read the books and bought the 7th book, British Edition at an english book store in Vienna. Lily picked me up from the train station because the rest of the family was in Vienna for the day to visit and then pick up Nora from the airport. We took the bus back to their house, ate lunch, then met their friend Milla at the Fine Arts Museum. (Szépmûvészeti Múzeum)

The Museum was amazing. There a lot of artifacts from Egypt (I loved the mummies) a ton of Renaissance Art, Monet, Manet etc. After the museum we headed back to their house because I was completely exhausted. I'd had about 4 hours of sleep the night before. I took a nap, then we watched a couple movies. The family came back late in the evening. Their aunt Zsuzsi was visiting from the states. We all chatted for a long time and went to bed.

The next day Judit, Zsuzsi and I went to an open air museum in the small town of Szentendre. The museum took old houses and town buildings from different areas of Hungary and placed them into the museum so you could tour the buildings and see the different styles of the areas of Hungary. It was raining a LOT even though it was the beginning of August and a bit cold. I learned that Kovac (like Dr. Kovac in ER) means "Smith" in both Hungarian and Croatian and Zsuzsi bought me a cookie (honey cake with chocolate) which was delicious. We wandered around for a couple hours in the rain. Everything was very interesting.

This is an old-fashioned oven.

And I saw a snail.

After the open air museum, we headed into the down of Szentendre (St. Andrew). We got some soup and then wandered around the town. It was a very cute town. Very old fashioned and colorful. It reminded me of a mini-Rothenburg but it was a little less perfect.

We spent about an hour in Szentendre. We headed back to their house and Lily, Nora, Zsuzsi and I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and then went to bed. It was a very nice last night in Budapest!

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