Monday, October 10, 2016

Pokhara, Nepal and the Mountain Museum

I continue to be terrible at writing my blog as I approach 2 years of being home. Eventually, I will finish writing about my travels!!
The day following hiking to the Peace Pagoda, I headed to the mountain museum in Pokhara, which confirmed the stories I'd heard the day before from the girl who'd trekked to the first base camp, which involved getting severe altitude sickness, witnessing a guy refuse to stop hiking, faint after 20 feet and have to be evacuated by helicopter among other events. To me it sounded horrendous and not like something I'd ever want to do.

But the mountain museum was quite fascinating.

Before heading to the museum, I walked along the lake on my morning stroll.

The mountains were out and beautiful! It would probably have been a slightly better day to hike because the view would have been clearer, but it was still a beautiful morning stroll!

The cows were also out grazing, with their babies.

The people jumping off the mountain and parachuting in droves!

There was also a woman painting her boat.

Here I am taking creepy pictures as I walk around.

There was a man pondering the lake.

There was also a man rolling around in a ball in the water. He was completely incapable of standing up. It was kind of hilarious.

Here are some women doing laundry.

The view of the mountains at the mountain museum.

The museum talked about each of the climbers who were the first to reach the top of the 8,000 meter peaks, an exhibit of the people who made it to the top of all 14 8,000 meter peaks and the people who'd climbed to the top of the tallest mountains on each of the continents.

They also had an exhibit of Korean climbers. Two of them, Park Young-Seok (박영석)and Ko Mi-Young (고미영) were the two Koreans who made it to the top of the highest peak on each continent, but they died young in mountaineering accidents. Apparently mountaineering is a huge thing in Korea.

Here is a cow lounging in a field.

Here is more information about the museum if you want to read about it.
The cow lounging some more.

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