Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Peace Pagoda in Pokhara, Nepal

Well, I have not written a blog in a couple months. I was busy subbing and then writing thesis number one, so I continue to get further and further behind! Here's a quick one.

The following morning I headed out to breakfast. I wandered the streets, then found a small cafe with a fireplace, which had delicious breakfast. I sat by the fire, reading my book and enjoying the atmosphere.

I then headed down to the docks to take a boat to see the Peace Pagoda. You have to take a boat to get there. They stuck me in a boat by myself, but a group of foreigners got in the boat next to me. I asked if I could join them so I didn't have to take a boat by myself across a large lake. The were from Denmark, Holland and Australia.

A man rowed us very slowly across the lake. That poor boatsman has the worst job!
Here's the lake.

I then hiked up to the Peace Pagoda, also known as the Shanti Stupa, which was not the easiest hike (I was sick) but it was so beautiful! I wish it had been less cloudy, because the views of the Himalayas would have been fabulous!

The Pagoda is a Buddhist pagoda, built in the 1940s.

Meditating while enjoying the view.

It's so beautiful.

I was a little hot after the hike.

We walked back down the very slippery stairs, which was dangerous, then Libby, one of the girls from Australia and I got a traditional Nepalese lunch for 3 dollars that was fantastic. She also told me about climbing to the first base camp on Everest, which sounded beautiful and something that I will never do.

After that, I wandered around a bit, then headed back to shower, read and go to bed.

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