Monday, October 10, 2016

Pokhara, Nepal, where my flight didn't exist

Afterwards, I walked around the lake again and watched the sunset.

I then went to a restaurant that had a live show, with a few people that looked rather unenthusiastic, including one girl who pouted and yawned the entire time.They were yawning, a couple were clearly lip syncing to the song, but in the end. Some were good, some were not so good. Some made mistakes and were laughing. Sword guy's moustache and goatee were drawn on with a pen. I left after an hour or so I decided I wanted to head back to the hotel, but I was trapped by the drummer and had to watch the whole thing.

This is pouting girl.
This was the street I was staying on, quite near the lake. The next morning, I got up and got breakfast, then headed to the airport an hour before my flight (the recommended time. It's a small airport.)

 (Tiny airport).
I arrived at the airport and discovered there was no 11 AM flight, even though I had a ticket for the 11AM flight. I got bumped to the 1PM flight, which wasn't enough time to go out and do anything, so I went to the rooftop restaurant and had some milk tea which was delicious.I chatted with a woman from Nashville named Tracey, who was in Pokhara as a traveling nurse, but was leaving early because the hospital experience was traumatic. She said there was a specific experience with a blood transfusion that she'd never be able to un-see, horrible cleanliness problems and a man who came in who'd overdosed on fertilizer and the doctors didn't seem to care about it because it was suicide. She was beginning to get sick and decided she needed to leave, so she wouldn't end up in the hospital in Pokhara.

We also met a woman from Chiang Mai, Thailand who went to University of Portland (she was also on my flight to Bangkok a few days later). The view from the roof was beautiful at least!

 The airport in Pokhara.

The plane I flew to Kathmandu.
 The baggage claim in Kathmandu, which was outside in a shack. That was interesting. I practically had to jump over people to get to my bag, but I managed to get to it and took a taxi into the city. I will write about my experience in Kathmandu in the next blogs!

 And some instagram pictures of Pokahara!

 The cow that was meandering through the street on its own.

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