Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wandering the streets of Malacca

Walking around Malacca was weird, because it often did not feel like I was in SE Asia, but rather in some smaller town in Europe.

But then, other times, it definitely felt like SE Asia. It was an interesting mix of everything.

There was also a very muscular statue next to an elephant statue.

We wandered around to the various sites. We went to the Kampung Kling Mosque, though I couldn't enter the actual temple. It was originally built in the 1700's, then rebuilt in 1872.

We then went to thee Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, which is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. It was built in 1645.

We also walked around another temple.

It had this extremely happy statue.

We found a shop that sold bound feet shoes, even though that doesn't happen anymore. The guys says he does it for the art of the shoe. They were extremely small. It was disconcerting.

We walked around during a short amount of free time that we had. We found a strange boat with steps leading up to it. In the middle of a crowded street.
We bought some of that juice. It was not delicious.
The view of the river was lovely!

These are Malay houses built without nails.

We then drove back to KL during a pretty intense thunderstorm. The other person on our tour asked about snakes. Our tour guide said he recently had a cobra (!!!!!!) in his house in Kuala Lumpur (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and has had 3 of them recently (3!!!!!). He said Malay people don't kill them, because they believe that killing a snake will bring generations upon generations of bad luck. He said he talks to the snake and just says, "You are not here to hurt me and I am not here to hurt you. Go back to your home!"

Afterwards, we wandered around the electronics market and Petaling street before turning in for the night.

I wrote in my journal, "Our guide talked about Dengue Fever tonight. Now I am worried about getting Dengue Fever. I think I might have a cold. I bet it's Dengue Fever"

I did not get Dengue Fever.

I went to Cambodia the next day to visit Todd, Jen and Josiah! But that will be the next blog.


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