Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wandering the Parks of Kuala Lumpur

After the bird park, we wandered around the large park in the area.

It is a very lovely park, which has a very difficult name that I cannot remember at the moment. It contained botanical gardens.

It was extremely beautiful. And extremely hot. And extremely humid. Unbelievably humid. Korea is humid in the summer. It is nothing compared to Malaysia in November. It was All-The-Liquids-Are-Currently-Seaping-Out-Of-My-Body-And-I-Am-Never-Going-To-Recover hot.

It was also causing major sunscreen disasters. The sunscreen was melting off my face into my eyeballs, which was rather painful.

Oh, 88, that's not bad. Wait, what's that? The real feel temperature is 111? That's a temperature that exists? Yes, yes it is.

There was a mosque nearby. We found that when we walked in the wrong direction and then immediately turned around.
That's KL Tower in the background. We went up that just after wandering the parks.
Of course, there were monkeys. There are always monkeys.

There was a mini-Stonehenge in the park area for some reason.

It was actually a mini-Stonehenge. It was labeled as Stonehenge.
We climbed through a fence that was possibly not supposed to be open and ended up down by a small lake. I questioned whether or not we were allowed to be there due to the fact that nobody else was there and we never saw another person.
But, it was beautiful and we didn't get arrested. So no problem.

This looked like a very cool skate park, but it wasn't. I'm not sure what it was.

This was very beautiful!! The columns and all the flowers really balanced everything nicely.

This tunnel was fun.
We are not in Korea, Korean person. We are in Malaysia.
Fantastic drawing skills.

We then walked for quite a while, thinking we were headed to Kl Tower. At the point that we crossed a major highway and ended up nowhere near KL Tower, which looked like it was in walking distance on the map, I realized we were not going to get there on our own. And it was hot. So, so, so, hot. We took a cab and it took about 25 minutes. Whoops. Such is the life of wandering a new city. It's awesome! More to come in the next blog.

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