Friday, May 15, 2015

PS: Crowned pigeons are dumb birds

After we finally managed to get to KL Tower, we went up to the top and saw some great views. It was quite smoggy and a thunderstorm was rolling in, but it was still a beautiful view! And the pictures still turned out well, which was great for me. Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city!

While up there, we took some very successful pictures of me in a dark shadow and only a little bit of view in the background.
They didn't improve as we continued to try.

Way too many shadows.

You can see that the thunderstorm was coming!

The thunderstorm arrived and started down pouring just as we got to the bottom of the tower. We decided to wait it out at the cafe (The Rainforest Cafe. It was not like the one in the US.) The video doesn't quite capture the extreme amounts of rain that were coming down. It also doesn't capture how LOUD it was. But, it was very cool.

I ordered an iced milk tea to wait out the storm. It arrived scalding hot in the "feels like" 111 degree weather. Clearly, something was lost in translation.

We walked down the hill to the monorail. We got a bit lost, but Dustin used his magical ability to spot English speakers to ask for directions. We also realized a bit too late that the monorail doesn't connect to all the stations it appears to connect to on the subway map, so we took a strangely drawn out way back to the hotel.

We decided to cross over to the other side of the tracks to look at the mosque near our hostel at sunset. By the time we actually managed to get there, it was basically night time.

This is the view from the subway station next to our hostel.

I have no idea what building that is but it's pretty. It was very difficult to get a good picture of it due to the cars driving by and making my pictures blurry. How dare they.

This guy walked right into traffic! The cars were moving very quickly and he just sprinted across the street and hopped the fence. I would never have considered doing that. I do not plan to die by jaywalking.
This is the mosque.

We walked back to the station. The walk involved finding a very well disguised entrance to the train station, going up stairs, then down stairs, then up more stairs again and crossing an overpass. We ended up turning the wrong direction on the overpass.

We realized it was the wrong direction because it was extremely deserted. Then, it started feeling slightly dangerous. As Dustin said, "And this is how we get mugged."

After a quick stop at the hostel for some much needed water and sitting, we headed to the Patronus towers to take some night pictures.

It was definitely worth the trip!

At this point, I was still not over thinking "expecto patronum!" every time I heard the name.

Well, I'm still not over it...

There was a lovely and dramatic light show in front of the towers, which was very cool. We watched it for a while. It was relatively well attended. And the mall was wonderfully air conditioned. I wanted to live in there for their air conditioner.

We returned to the hostel. Our room air conditioner started leaking on my bed, which was gross.

Also, random note, in case anyone was wondering, I do keep a very detailed travel journal, which makes remembering events and stories for this blog a bit easier. For whatever reason, I ended my journal entry for this day with this:

"We go to the Batu Caves tomorrow! PS: Crowned pigeons are very dumb birds."

I don't remember why they were dumb...Sometimes I leave out important details. As you can tell, my next post will be about....

wait for it...

The Batu Caves!

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