Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Trick Eye Museum and Ice Museum

One of the many weekends Adrienne was in Seoul, we went to the Trick Eye Museum and the Ice Museum, which are connected and about ten minutes from my house. I hadn't been to this particular trick eye museum, but went to a different one a couple years ago on a trip to Paju and the DMZ.

Adrienne and I realized pretty quickly that going on a weekend was not the best idea, due to the fact that all of Seoul also went to the museum that day. We spent a lot of time aggressively getting to the pictures so that nobody would cut in front of us.

Many of the pictures were taken in haste, so aren't quite centered correctly. But a lot of them turned out quite well.

Adrienne riding a horse, alarmed.
 I was more excited about riding the horse.
 Adrienne lounging in the Starry Night painting.
 Here I am peaking into the Starry Night.

Looking creepy.
 Adrienne practicing her balance.
 Quite successfully.
 My balance is also wonderful!

Just kidding, I fall all the time. This is a more accurate depiction of what would happen to me.

Adrienne in a carriage.

My turn in the carriage.

Adrienne accepting a giant cup of tea, which is normal for her.

Adrienne climbing through the window, for some reason looking terrified.

"I'm not ready, Adrienne."

"I'm ready now."

Adrienne and I rowing our boat.

Adrienne falling into the water, quite convincingly. Even her foot is blurry.

I was not quite as convincing as Adrienne.

Adrienne falling out of the boat.

I am happily falling out of the boat.
 Pouring wine.
 Awkwardly lifting the wine.

Adrienne casually gazing at the water.

Catching all the money.
 Adrienne guiltily catching the money.

"I hate butterflies."

 Adrienne looking like a piano player...or not

"A witch! AHHH"

 "He left us! He left us!"

Happily riding in my carriage.

Adrienne's princess wave.

"I hate being a princess."

What I heard after she saw this picture: "Lauren, you cut off my feet! That was the best part!"

"A CAT!"

"I'm being eaten by a giant fish!"

 "I will climb out of this fish!"

The hair kind of gives this picture away. Darn gravity.

Adrienne would be a great synchronized swimmer.

"I will not let go of Spiderman!"

Adrienne, leaping on a rolling log.

The next stop was the ice museum, which is across the hallway. It was obviously quite cold, since it was an ice museum. And pretty small. It took about 5 minutes to see.

Adrienne rode on the slide.

This was terrifying.

 Adrienne starting her own fire.

 Adrienne crawling through the ice.

 Adrienne in an ice carriage.

Adrienne looking extremely excited about drinking ice tea.

 Here's an ice bed.

For some reason, Oprah was advertised in the museum.
 Ice toilet.

In the lobby, they had butt chairs. We had to wait for someone to get up before taking this picture. I'm not entirely certain they knew they were sitting in a butt chair.
 Adrienne getting mugged.

It was a good trip, despite the large crowds!

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