Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Last of Jeju

After the Cheonjiyeon waterfall, we headed over to a couple other waterfalls.

There was an interestingly decorated bridge near the next set of waterfalls!

We found some exercise equipment (not uncommon in Korea) and Adrienne and Grant tested it out.

Some more successfully than others.

The cherry blossoms were blooming!
This was the next waterfall. As you can see, it wasn't really waterfally. Apparently during the summer and fall, it's quite the roaring falls, due to monsoon season. Unfortunately, we went in March so it hadn't really rained since September. But, the reflections were beautiful!

It's called Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, not to be confused with Cheonjiyeon.

While walking down the stairs to this waterfall, I ran into the cook at the Kimbap restaurant I go to. She recognized me immediately. We discussed how it was strange that we ran into each other at a random waterfall many hours from Seoul. With my limited Korean, we bade goodbye and she continued up the stairs.
Grant and Adrienne sitting on the rocks.
Adrienne and I.

Adrienne photobombing.

Grant acting "awesome."
We walked over to the other waterfall nearby.

Grant and Adrienne at the next waterfall.
We look normal!

And 3 normal pictures in a row! It's shocking!
Grant getting his revenge for the nose incident.
Adrienne and I, looking normal.

Adrienne looking less normal.
A closeup of the interesting designs.
Here is the valley where the river comes through at various levels.
A small traditional building along the river.
A lizard!
This is the 3rd waterfall in the small area. We hiked down the many many stairs to see this. It was quite beautiful.

Adrienne and her malicious photobombs.
We headed to a beach next. Unfortunately, it was beginning to rain, so we had to cut beach time short, but not before some wrestling.
I liked the rocks on the beach. I think they might have been volcanic.

We walked along the beach, heading to another set of rocks.
Adrienne trying to knock Grant down.
Grant acquiescing

and they're down.

Adrienne running after Grant.

Running and leaping!
And Grant exacting his revenge.

"I'm dead. I can't move."

Grant running away from the impending revenge.

Adrienne taking chase.

"Hmm. I think it's your turn now Lauren."

Clearly, I was being hilarious.

"Please don't!"

"Stop it! This is the worst!"

"I refuse to fall!"

And I'm down...

"She's down!"

Adrienne celebrating.

Adrienne doing the splits for no reason.

Our normal picture after the take down.

Adrienne on the ground because I knocked her down.

Grant tickling her while she's down.

"Hey! I can't believe you did that!"

We walked along the rocks for a bit, Grant going further than Adrienne and I due to fear of slipping.

"stop taking pictures!"
Grant running through the rocks.

The water and the rocks were beautiful!
The flowers were slowly coming out!

After it starting raining, we headed back into town and got dinner, then hung out at a cafe eating pretzels and listening to even more Frozen songs. It was a great trip! We exhausted ourselves completely. We headed to the airport the next morning and had a relaxing day. We watched "The Other Guys" and hung around my apartment until dinner. Then, we headed to the Korean pancake restaurant that's quite famous and delicious. We accidentally ordered way to much food, but it was so good.

The next few pictures are from my phone. This is the delicious black pig BBQ we had for lunch that day. It was amazing. We all agreed it was one of the best meals we've had. It was a bit on the expensive side, but completely and totally worth it.

Here is a Starbucks connected to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

 Here we are. The weirdo siblings.

Grant looking surprised.

We are all so similar. 
From the cafe we went to.

 Grant lounging in the cafe.

 Adrienne not lounging.
 At the Korean pancake restaurant.
 My siblings are incapable of being normal.

Our accidentally enormous but delicious meal.

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