Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eating Strange Foods: The Videos

I have had several visitors over the past few months and I was able to convince a few of them to eat strange food. Here are a few videos of those events.

During our delicious samgyeopsal meal on Jeju Island, we were served an entire fish. Here is Grant eating the entire head of the fish, just because he could.

Here are Grant, Adrienne and I trying Beondaegi, otherwise known as boiled silk worm larvae. It was...horrendous. I cannot even explain to you. I didn't react much in the video, but it's bad. It smells really bad. And now, every time I smell it at a street food stand, it smells 5 million times worse because I know what it tastes like. As Grant said, "it's a bit explode-y in your mouth." It explodes horribleness. 

I forced Allison to try to eat live octopus. She was unhappy about it, to say the least. She tried one bite. She felt it was karma when I accidentally ate an eyeball and grossed myself out. I will say though, live octopus is actually quite delicious.

Here are the videos. One of them is sideways and I'm not sure why.

And in case you missed them in my previous blog, here are Grant, Adrienne and I eating live octopus. Grant agreed with me that it's delicious.

That last one has me clearly fighting the octopus to chew. While delicious, it does tend to get stuck to your teeth...just a little bit. But I definitely recommend it.

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