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The Alhambra...or where we couldn't stop singing Alejandro

Apparently this is the Tower of Justice and is the
original entrance to the palace, built in 1348.
I took approximately 5000 photos at the Alhambra, because it was amazing and I wanted to take a picture of every room.

So, this blog will be split into two, as usual.

We woke up early to get to the Alhambra before it got really hot. It was nice and cool on the walk up the hill, but quickly hit 99 degrees.

This is in the wrong spot, but it's ok.

Here I am at the entrance to Alhambra.

We had to pick up our tickets for the Nasrid Palaces, which have a specific time slot. We wandered around getting lost and not finding the office for quite a while, but eventually found it on the other end of the grounds from where we entered.

A cute little door.

A larger, interesting door.

This is where we originally entered.

This is the Palace of Carlos V.
The Church of Santa Maria.
This is the backside of the Palace of Carlos V.
After picking up our tickets, we walked around the Generalife gardens.

Some background information: It was originally built in much smaller form in 889 and then renovated 11th century, then became a royal palace in 1333 by a Sultan. It was a palace for Sultan's until they were driven out during the Reconquista.

It is said that the last prince, a 13 year old boy, cried while leaving and his mother said to him, "You cry like a girl instead of fighting like a man."

Later, Napoleon took it over. When he lost the palace, he attempted to blow it up, but was unsuccessful.
Washington Irving arrived later and discovered it for the Western world. He wrote a collection of essays called, "Tales of the Alhambra." He lived at the palace. There is a plaque there with his name on it.
The gardens were beautiful with great views.

There were a lot of interesting designs, as well as beautiful flowers.

I mean, it was just so beautiful!
My attempt at photography.

I loved this particular wall a lot.
The flash is making us look slightly photo-shopped into the picture. Don't worry, we were actually there.

Here's Anna in an archway.
There were so many flowers!
Here I am with a bird behind my head.

And also, a view of the Alhambra.

The designs on the walls were so intricate. Everywhere.
Just so intricate!
While wandering around the Alhambra, Allison was wandering around singing "Alli-hambra. Alli-hambra, Alli-Alli Hambra." Now I am sure that does not make sense, but just put it to the tune and style of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and you will understand a little more why we were laughing so much.

There were a lot of arches, which were so pretty.

The views from the Alhambra, looking into the city were really beautiful.

That's part of the old wall to the city.
This is Adrienne, when she realized that the older man we had just taken a picture of, recognized her from the dancing the night before.
Adrienne's, "Wait, what just happened??" face
That is the older man that recognized her, which we knew because he was dancing and singing while waving his cane around.

These are the Vermillion towers, which you can see in the pictures below here as well (the very orange towers). They are Moorish fortifications and also the site of Roman tombs.

Thank you for collaborating!
I loved this. The gardens and the palm trees, mixed with wonderful architecture.
Some stairs.
I realized after this palace that when I wrote in my journal, I needed to be more specific about what I learned and what I was seeing at the time, because I tend to forget what certain things were.

Love this too. Everything is so colorful.

The Church of Santa Maria.

These are the Mosque Baths, which, according to the sign I took a picture of, are an integral part of Islamic culture and sometimes are located within mosques themselves. These were built in 1309. The mosque was located where the Church of Santa Maria is now located, which is featured above.

Me, attempting to take a picture of us with my giant camera. Obviously it was unsuccessful.

It is a lovely nostril shot.
Slightly less nostril-y
Oh good, Adrienne.
Thanks Allison, that was a much better idea.

And this is where it's good to have a phone that allows you to see when you're taking a picture of yourself, though my head is still tilted upwards with great strain.

And here I still managed to cut of my own head. Probably trying to reduce the chance of another nostril picture.

This was awesome. I am not entirely sure what it was, but it was awesome. I must do more research on the Alhambra.

I mean really, it's just so interesting and beautiful!

There's the Placa Nueva, which is basically where we were staying (the wide square in the middle) with the cathedral in the background.
The cathedral closer up.

Adrienne recovering from a sneeze attack, which will be featured in the Granada Photobomb blog.

The water run-off system thingy.
A fountain.
A very large wall
The Palace of Carlos V again, in better lighting.

The central court of the Palace of Carlos V.
Also the Palace of Carlos V.

The rest of Alhambra will come in an almost finished post, but I'd like to take the time to show a couple pictures from my phone I forgot to put in the general Granada blog.

For those of you that are friends with me on facebook, I have a Viking Hat that I take with me when I travel. I found it while traveling in Ireland and bought it because it was hilarious. Immediately, it became the thing that we must take pictures of wherever we go. It has been with me and had photos take of it in 18 countries. It would be 19, but I forgot it BOTH times I went to Japan for weekend trips.

Anyway, we realized early in the morning that I did not have a Granada viking hat photo. So, Allison and I went out early in the morning before our train to Cordoba to take a picture with the hat.

Allison had an enormous bug bit on her leg. And for some reason they were cleaning the smooth brick square with water early in the morning.

We took the picture. As I was walking back to her to get my phone, I said, "Eww Allison, you bug bite is enormous."

And then immediately fell to the ground.

Allison claims it was my fault for saying ew to her bug bite. I say that I was just making sacrifices for the sake of a picture.

Also Allison's bug bite was enormous. It was like half her leg. Rivaled only by my bug bite in Austria a couple weeks later.

Also, clearly, they were NOT doing a good job of cleaning the streets. I mean really, that's gross.

The fall was quite a dramatic display of sprawled limbs on the ground. I would say it was embarassing, but it happens so often it really isn't anymore. About a week after I got to Seoul, I was at Costco with my friend, Ben. It started raining and he joking said, "Oh Lauren, be careful, you're going to fall!" And I said, "Hey, no I'm not!" Crash, slip, boom. I immediately slipped off a curb and fell a good distance to the ground.

Blood everywhere. I'm pretty sure I will be scarred, based on the state of my knee.

Unrelated to the fall, my arm looked like this for much of the trip. I bruise easily. Apparently carrying a carry-on suitcase was too much for my arm. The scratch was from an angry thorn at the Alhambra. I was walking by and it attacked me.

 Last but not least, some beautiful street art I found while wandering around Granada.

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