Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Photobombs of Granada

Once again, Adrienne, Allison and Anna spent quite a lot of their time photobombing my pictures. Or zooming in too close to my face. Or making faces and refusing to look normal, like the picture to the left here. Here is a compilation of those pictures from Granada.
Adrienne leaping.
Adrienne's hair.
Anna creeping on by.
Adrienne and Anna. I believe this is a double photobomb. Adrienne is photobombing Allison and Anna is photobombing me.
Allison zooming into my face.
Adrienne somehow jumping in her chair.
Adrienne's eyeball
As a result of all the photobombing and zooming, I retaliated against Allison.
She wasn't happy about that.

Ok she was fine with it.
Anna was enjoying it...

The "Seriously are you still taking my picture?" picture
Looking into the distance.
Heh heh heh.
Adrienne not smiling.
Allison taking a pictures as I walk away.
Adrienne jumping.
The Adrienne blur.
More jumping.
The jumping was pretty much continuous.

Picture of me walking away.
Allison jumping.
Allison bothering Adrienne by taking repeated photos of Adrienne blowing her nose after a sneezing fit.

I was enjoying Adrienne's embarrassment.

Then Anna approached for the photobombs

Adrienne leaning in casually.
Slightly less casually.
Zooming in to close
Jumping...good heavens.
Leaning. Great nose shot.
Probably at the end of a jump.
Allison's chin. Adrienne probably.


Anna expertly leaping in
And Adrienne.

Surprise Surprise.
Somebody's ear
So much jumping
And more jumping
Adrienne blur
Adrienne and some strange blurs.

Anna creeping in the background.

And last but not least, Allison's sunglasses interrupting my picture.

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