Monday, October 21, 2013

The Mezquita of Cordoba, where nobody would stop photobombing

This will be a combination blog. The reason for this is that so many of my pictures from the Mezquita were photobomb pictures, it didn't make sense to put the photobombs into a separate blog. There are probably 5 normal pictures and the rest are people leaping by or looking ridiculous.

Alright, so we went straight to the Mezquita after eating lunch.

The Mezquita is so cool. It was originally a Christian Visigoth church built around 600, then was converted into a Medieval Islamic Mosque in the late 700's. Then in 1236, Cordoba was reconquered by King Ferdinand III in the Reconquista.  It was then converted it back into a cathedral by succeeding kings. However, they still kept the important Islamic architecture. including the Mihrab, and the cathedral is just placed in the middle. It makes for a fascinating building.

As Allison said, and I quote, "Visited what was first a church which then had a mosque built into it which then had another church built inside it: the immaculate inception!"

The grounds outside are really beautiful. Lots of palm trees and beautiful architecture and landscaping.

The museum includes a lot of old sections of the Visigoth church, which is pretty cool to see. You can see the Roman influence on their art.

The inside is really interesting. There's a clear mix of Islamic and Christian architecture.

The sea of columns

Part of the Christian section
The ceiling of one of the Christian sections

The Mihrab
The ceiling above the mihrab

Anna photobombing as usual.
The sea of arches again

Here I am photobombing my own picture
Adrienne cutting me in half

Adrienne looking surprisingly normal

Me photobombing myself again

Looking into the cathedral.
The organ

The Choir

A cow

A closeup of the woodwork in the choir
A rather scary bird
Some faces looking out

The ceiling
A lion and an angel lying down

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Ursula
Anonymously made in 1633.

A closer look of the Mihrab

The old Visigoth flooring.

The bell tower

Outside the walls of the Mezquita

Andd now to part two of this blog. The photobombs and the pictures that were taken just to annoy me.

Adrienne photobombing her plate with a fork and sunscreen.

Also my viking hat inside my purse is photobombing the picture.

Also it's possible Adrienne was just eating her food and I was bothering her by taking a picture.

Anna running in as Adrienne simultaneously jumps
So much jumping.
Anddd more jumping
Oh look a normal one, that's weird.
Allison taking a picture of me
Me storming off in a huff because nobody will stand still and take a normal picture or just not jump into my picture.
Oh look, that's better.
Jumping. Also I'm guessing that's Anna's arm

So much ruining of the pictures.
Adrienne laughing at her "hilarity"
Anna laughing at her "hilarity"
Oh look a slightly normal one.
Oh and there she is jumping again.
This is where I thought, "Maybe I can hold her down and she'll look normal in a picture!"
Her response to my attempt to hold her down
Adrienne jumping, me looking on and Allison relaxing unknowingly in the back, reading Rick Steves.

"Stop taking pictures I'm not ready"
Allison crouching in the back
This is me, giving up on getting a normal picture of me or anyone in the mezquita and deciding to just take a picture of myself. My camera is enormous so it didn't work out very well.

Somebody's neck
I complain a lot about people jumping into my picture, but I got caught jumping into Allison's picture. Oops.

I've conveniently forgotten that I did that...
Allison isn't ready!
Ok a normal one, good...
A great picture of Anna, but where's my head?
It was just never ending
We're not ready, stop that!

"Adrienne, where's my head?"
"Adrienne, why is it just my head?"
Nope, still not ready
And still not ready..

Adrienne, why is it just half my face?
Ok that's a bit better.
Anddd there's Adrienne again.

Adrienne singing instead of smiling

Attempted wrangling again
It's really not working
"She's gone limp!"
And I've given up

Dramatic dancing

Anna looks like a crazy person
Slightly less like a crazy person
Just blurs. Their photobombing is getting more dramatic
Spinning by to block my picture
Further spinning
"Move your feet!"
Since all the photobombing basically happened in the Mezquita, here are the last few photobombs from Cordoba.

Adrienne wandering into my picture

I don't think I've ever seen anyone jump more than Adrienne in Europe in my life.
Your nose is nice Adrienne.
"I'm not ready, stop it!"
"Adrienne, where's half my body?"
"Stop! I'm just walking!"
"Adrienne, where's all the scenery."
More jumping in the synagogue.

My payback. Unfortunately they look great walking away.

And that concludes the Mezquita and photobombing in Cordoba. Next up, the Sephardic Jewish history museum and the synagogue.

And the torture museum, not for the weak of stomach.

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