Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Photobombs of Barcelona

I realized today that there are so many photobombs from each location, that it would be an enormous blog of photos to make just one photobomb blog. So I decided to make one for each city, or if there are only a few, for every couple city. At no point do I actually believe that there will be two cities in one blog. Remember that these blogs will include not only pictures of Adrienne, Allison or Anna photobombing, but also pictures where Adrienne zoomed really close to my face just to annoy me. Since Adrienne was the prime culprit, I will be counting her strikes.

This was not a photobomb, but the first picture I took. Little did I know what was to come.
 Allison and Anna photobombing
Adrienne purposely not smiling-strike 1

 Before: Jump photobombing-strike 2

After-strike 3
 Strike 4
 Adrienne photobombing in Montserrat-strike 5
 Adrienne cutting off my head on purpose-strike 6
Allison photobombing
 Adrienne...strike 7
Strike 8
 Strike 9
 Strike 10
 Strike 11
 Strike 12
 Strike 13
 Strike 14
 Strike 15
Strike 16
Strike 17
Strike 18

 Strike 19
 Strike 20. Plus Anna
 Strike 21
 Strike 22
 Strike 23...I did not want that fork in my picture
 Strike 24
 Strike 25
Strike 26
 Strike Allison

 Strike 28
Strike 29

Barcelona count: Adrienne 29
Allison and Anna: Slightly less.

 Bonus picture from phone: Allison doing the Egyptian

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  1. You are too funny - should be a collage on the wall in your hallway at home