Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodbye Barcelona

After the cathedral, we continued following the Old Town walking tour.
We saw this again, which is really cool.

Underneath the little bridge thingy.

There were some pretty interesting nooks and crannies.
Here the girls are standing on the highest point of Barcelona. My attempt to get a picture of the sign saying it was the highest point will be seen at a later time in the photobombing blog.

Here is a phone door handle.

Some Barcelona graffiti.

We stumbled upon parts of an old Roman temple
The Roman columns are clearly surrounded by an apartment building. Can you imagine looking out your window every day and seeing ancient Roman columns?

According to the signs next to the pillars, it was the center of the forum in Barcelona. The religious ceremonies would have taken place outside of the temple.

The temple was built during the 1st century BC and was in use until the 5th century AD, when the importance of the forum began to decline, due to Christianity becoming the main religion. It was no longer the center of politics, religion etc..

I have no memory of this place.
Well, I remember that it's near the City Museum, but I don't remember what it was.

You drank spit if you drank from this faucet.
We headed to the city museum, which was one of the cooler museums I've been to. They've uncovered the old Roman city and roads and built the museum over it, so you can walk along pathways in the basement, which are over the old city.

This is the public area wall from 15-10 BC.

A mosaic floor
Marble busts from the 2nd Century AD
A fresco depicting a hunting scene from the 4th century AD.

The laundry and dye shops from the late 2nd century AD.

The walkway with my horrendously pink shoes.

This is part of the church and necropolis from the 7th century AD

A Roman house mosaic

We headed to casa Batillo(s?) afterwards, Gaudi's other house, which was very cool as well.

A little man and a Lion
Another little man
We walked along the Block of Discord.

Saw this interesting piece of art or possible extensive barbed wiring.

Also I just forgot the word for barbed wire and had to google "Sharp things on top of a fence"

We got lunch at a wonderful tapas restaurant, which included more potatoes, calamari and tomato bread with olive oil.

Anna being creepy.

Included on the menu was the Hannah Montana mini burger...
The Giant Winnie the Pooh macaroni...
and Hello Kitty pancakes.
We headed to pick pocket alley to buy some souvenirs. I got a couple beautiful paintings from a painter who was very talented. Allison got a couple as well. We picked up our luggage and headed on the night train to Granada! The train ride was uneventful. I read "Divergent" because I couldn't for the life of me sleep. Allison, Adrienne and Anna slept soundly. We arrived in Granada, got off the train, Adrienne realized she forgot her purse, sprinted back to the train, found her purse right before the train left the station, and we made our way into the city!


  1. Let me try this again. If it's posted twice, then it's because our computer or gmail are acting in an obstinate manner.
    I'm seriously asking this question: How expensive is Barcelona? I want to live somewhere with wonderful museums, Roman ruins, Gaudi architecture and mega potato meals. I have found my new home through your blog.