Sunday, September 29, 2013

Barcelona Day 3...or where we snuck into a cathedral

So we began our last day in Barcelona with Adrienne frantically searching for her toothbrush and not finding it.

We checked out of our hostel and were unable to say goodbye to Jose, which was very sad.

We met Allison and Anna, went to Locker Barcelona to lock up our bags. We had to play an extreme version of Tetris in order to fit them all into one locker. We somehow managed (4 suitcases and 3 backpacks) and headed off to explore.

We got breakfast at this nice little cafe/restaurant that Allison and Anna went to their first day.
I had churros of course, since I was in Spain.
We then headed to do the Old Town walking tour that we had tried the night before, but got lost.

Our first stop was the Cathedral of Barcelona.
This was in the same square, designed by Picasso, clearly in his childlike drawing phase.

Adrienne, Allison and Anna were dress inappropriately, so they had to buy scarves to cover up their legs and arms.
By inappropriately, I mean that they were wearing shorts and Allison was wearing a tank top.

Immediately after buying the scarves, we walked to the entrance and people started pouring out of the doors. The Cathedral closed for a lunch break or something.
We walked down the street to see the lucky turtle Adrienne wanted to see. It was just around the corner, which was easy.

The turtle is actually attached to an old mailbox.

The turtle mailbox is attached to this building, which had a very beautiful courtyard.

A palm tree with the cathedral in the background.

The view from the roof of the turtle mailbox building.
The view in the other direction.
A gargoyle
A beautifully designed window.
Another window.

Some pigeons

Another very fat pigeon.
A face
We walked around the cathedral and found a secret entrance into the cloister of the cathedral, which would then lead us into the cathedral.

And by secret, I mean you paid for your entrance and got in easily. There just weren't many people, since everyone had evacuated earlier and didn't know about the secret entrance.

Here's the cloister

They keep 13 white geese in the cloister, representing St. Eulalia, a girl who was 13 years old when she was martyred during Roman times. The cathedral is dedicated to her. Her body is in the crypt.

The cathedral was constructed from the 1300s-1500s. The cloister was finished in 1448.

The geese were actually extremely loud

A photobombing goose.

We then headed inside the cathedral.

I forgot to write in my travel journal about the Cathedral, though apparently I thought I did because I one point I wrote, "I forgot to mention that the Cathedral had the first baptism font from the 4th century AD" but I didn't mention the cathedral at all before who knows.

The cathedral was beautiful.

The choir seats. So beautiful.

This is above the tomb of St. Eulalia

Some of the alters. They were really cool. I love that style of art and alters.
This one is so intricate!

Allison and Anna reading the Rick Steves book.
A chandelier.

This is the first baptism font, which was apparently the only thing I felt was important enough to write in my journal.

I will continue our last day in a second blog, where we went to the Barcelona City Museum, Gaudi's other house and ate some more potatoes!

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  1. Thanks for your postings. Its fun to see the sights and experiences through your eyes. I love seeing your photos and seeing my kids having fun. At least I see that all my Rick Steve's reading has paid off...see that Allison is doing my job ( she would disagree) Now I have evidence!