Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Kitty, Hos and Darts

So, this weekend I had to work again, this time from 2-5 on Saturday. It will switch each week from either 10-1 or 2-5. The 2-5 is cutting in to my social life. Just a little bit, but that's ok. I like the class I teach that day, so it's not too bad.

Friday night I went out to dinner again with a bunch of the teachers. We hung out and chatted as usual. Then Saturday morning, Queena, Tolani and I went to Costco. I bought some chicken and pasta sauce. and yogurt. I love my yogurt! I went to work after Costco, then right after work I headed to Hongdae to meet Carrie, a girl from my training group. We ate dinner (curry chicken and rice, it was pretty good!) and then decided to wander around the Hongdae area. It's right by Hongkik University and is quite the foreigner central. The lights are very pretty there. And lots of people were quite drunk, which is a little entertaining to see, even if it is unfortunate for them!

Then, we saw the Hello Kitty Cafe. Carrie had been there before, so we decided to go in there. Then we bought a drink and sat down. It is pink. and Hello Kitty-ish. slightly overwhelming, but kind of cool at the same time!

The bathroom
The part of the cafe that looked like counterfeit Hello, Kitty

We hung out there for a few hours, because we were talking, then wandered around in the night for a while. Even though I'm a small town girl and love being able to actually see the stars at night, I really do love the bright lights at night here. It's quite beautiful. maybe not for everyone, but I like it a lot.

There were bajillions of people around and lots of little shops and things open. It's pretty cool, even with all the very drunk people. Carrie and I wandered around, then headed home.

The next day, I went to church with a couple of teachers, then met Carrie, Elaine, Ross (from training too) and Ross' friend Steven. We met at the City Hall exit (where I'd been the week before with a bunch of the teachers). We wandered around the area for a little bit, again with lots of shops and stalls just in a different area. Then, we got dinner. Korean BBQ again (yumm). We chatted for a while, then decided to wander off to the next place.
Elaine and Carrie
Ross and I

After dinner, we met Ross' friend, because he had to leave before dinner, at his hotel, which was extremely fancy. It was the building from the previous blog about dinner with the teachers...the one with the plants on the side of the buildings. The art in the building was very pointy.
Notice, even the walls in the background are pointy.

We picked up the friend, then went somewhere where he could get dinner and we got desert. Twas good again! We then wandered around Hongdae again, looking at the lights. We went into a darts bar and played darts for a bit (I broke a dart...apparently I was chucking the dart rather than throwing it lightly, haha) then walked around some more, saw an extremely fancy karaoke place, which was called the "Luxury: Luxury singing entertainment" with the same type of rented rooms you can find anywhere else, except people on the streets can see you singing. Apparently it's very expensive...

We went into the "Ho Bar" because it was called the Ho Bar, which sounded rather funny. The workers were dancing around and being strange, and this picture was staring at us, creeping us out:

And this made us laugh a bit as well...

Then, we looked at the lights some more, saw an absolutely enormous dog, that really should have been considered a bear. or a horse. then headed home for the evening. It was another fun weekend!


  1. Wow, you are having so much fun! Too bad work keeps cutting into your social life!? : ) I am immature and find the name, ho bar, hilarious! Thanks for posting so many pictures, it's quite fun to look at them all. I really like the yellow flowers in the pointy vase! Hello kitty cafe was fun too! I forwarded Donna the link because her granddaughter loves everything hello kitty!

  2. Sounds like your having a grand time as usual. I am glad you weren't kidnapped because that would of made your mother whinny.( she thought so for a couple minutes the other day and started rambling on about Liam Neeson. Ha Ha another day in GH. Thanks for all the pic. Take care

  3. Tralynda: I know, I was being immature and laughing as well! I also liked the yellow flowers in the pointy vase. It was quite the fancy hotel! The Hello Kitty cafe is pretty close to me! It has lots of little souvenirs haha.

    Kris: Yes, mother was emailing me to see if i was kidnapped, but since i was asleep because it was 2 AM I didn't respond ;-)

  4. Oh I must admit I would like to see the Hello Kitty does look very girlish...The photos are great! I love all the color and the neon signs. I think this is a great place for you to explore in all your senses...even taste...this is so different from Europe...not one bit..well maybe the upscale shops. I must do some reading about the culture there. And you must write about your travel experiences from the point of view of a young person..much more personal and less mass market tour type. Neither of us gets that perfect type of sightseeing...lost, taking your life in your hands crossing streets, losing a child..(Allison) you getting goodness better not remind your mom of that one. Keep having fun, that is what we would want for you to have over there.