Monday, April 4, 2011

First Day of Class!

So, I taught my first two classes today (I'll have 3 more to teach with different students). The first class seemed a little unsure at first about me but by the end they were really excited and having a good time. They were openly participating and all raising their hands. They were all in 4th or 5th grade. I think I'll like that class and they'll be pretty easy to teach. The second group was really tired (understandably since they start school so early in the morning then go to after school programs all day, until they are in my class from 7-10PM). I must figure out how to make it more exciting so they'll volunteer more information. But overall, I think they both went really well! I think starting mid-term is a little harder, since another teacher was subbing for my classes (since I was supposed to be here in February, but couldn't get there) so they have a set way of doing things that that teacher made, but I wasn't doing things exactly the same. If you want more information, I can tell you :)

One of my older students told me I had a high nose, which I wasn't sure what that meant, but later learned that it was a good thing. haha

Unfortunately, I have been stricken with illness in the last 5 minutes. Hopefully my voice, which has been threatening to leave me, will hold out for the rest of the week! I will stay up for a while tonight and write my lesson plans for tomorrow, then probably nap tomorrow after my internet is installed...They're coming at 9:30! woohoo! Then Wednesday I have to go apply for my alien registration card!


  1. It is Tuesday morning here and Wed. for you. I hope you are feeling better and that you have not lost your voice. Get plenty of rest, I certainly think everyone would understand...Does school go threw the summer there. It certainly seems different from how we do things until 10pm...for kids...What an amazing experience you are having. Hope to hear more about your day.

  2. My voice is ok! I think it's almost back to normal! School does go through the summer here...I'm not sure if their normal school goes through the summer, or just the after school programs. It is intense! almost all of them do normal school for however many hours, then 2 three hour after school programs a day. It's sooo crazy!