Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lauren's Lost

So I went to the Alien Registration office today to apply for my Alien Registration Card. I had very good directions that would have been perfect, if I'd gotten off on the right bus stop on the way to the train station. As it was, I ended wandering around on a bus until I knew there was a subway stop and just found my way from the subway. So, that didn't take too long on the way there.

Then on the subway, this random guy sat next to me and started saying "What's your phone number? What's your name? I go home with you! I go home with you!" I didn't tell him my information (Obviously...I don't want a random guy coming home with me. In case anybody was wondering). So, he kept talking to me and I lied and told him my name was Sarah and THEN HE FOLLOWED ME OFF THE SUBWAY! Then literally, followed me out of the exit and kept walking, trying to get me to tell him my phone number. Finally, I didn't want him to know where I was going (which was the immigration office so it didn't really matter) so I ducked into a cafe and said "Ok you keep going" and he said "No give me your phone number" and I said "No I'm not giving you my phone number" Then he said "BUT WHY" "Because! Now keep going" and he left and stopped following me.

Now mother and Kris Jolliffe, I know what you're going to say "You think all guys are stalkers" which is 100% untrue but I think you have to agree with me on this one.

Apparently I just have a friendly face, because that happened to me my first week in Vienna as well. Kellie if you're reading this, just be firm and they will stop! still come to Korea!! hahaha

Anyway, back to my story, I ditched random man following me and easily found my way to the immigration office. I get there and they say "You need your medical form and business registration" which I did not have. I gave the medical form to the Branch manager and had no idea what the business registration form was. So, I have to go back tomorrow, which was a little irritating. But whatever. I get back on the subway and head back without stalkerman and made it to the station I thought I was supposed to get off one...either it was the completely wrong station or I exited into a place I didn't recognize and I got lost. Like really lost. I knew what bus I would need and everything, but I couldn't find the bus. Then all the bus signs were in Korean with no English translations. So I just wandered around for quite a while, until I found a bus stop that had 3 English letter stops written on it. Ehwa women's university. So I managed to get on the bus and get to the University, since I knew how to get back from there. I walked by the university for a bit, which was cool. really enormous buildings involved and this nice shopping area.


I'll have to go look around more someday when I'm not completely lost and irritated because I'm lost and couldn't get my paperwork done.

However, not being able to read any signs definitely has motivated me to learn the letters and what they stand for...apparently that part is relatively easy. The language itself isn't.

The enormous movie theatre I passed while I was lost.
After my wandering around aimlessly for that time, Queena and went to Costco and I bought some chicken and other things that should last me quite a while, which is good. I think it's kind of funny that they have Costco here.
The drive to Costco

But today, I went to my school and asked about the business registration form and they gave it to me and I got my medical check back, so everything is all set for going in tomorrow. My class went pretty well I think! They all seemed interested and I think it was good. And no one said I was ample in order to avoid answering a question. Yes, that happened to me yesterday. I asked someone a question and he said "No but teacher. you so beautiful. and so ample!" Good heavens. How do you respond to that? I also had one student said "Well you know, if there aren't any murderers, then the population explodes, which is also a bad thing," which I thought was pretty clever/funny. It did have to do with the conversation we were having. Don't worry ;-)

In other news, I'm making friends. I have plans to meet up with Elaine and explore Seoul a bit this weekend, which I'm excited about. While I was hopelessly lost, I passed what seemed like a changing of the guard at one of the old sites, so I want to try and find that building (not that I know where I was). Then Saturday I'm going out to dinner with some of the teachers, which should be fun. I'm definitely enjoying myself!

My new favorite thing:
It's rice and seaweed usually with some sort of spice thing. Quite good


  1. Lauren.. I am sure he was just a nice young man wanting to be friendly. Right Cindy !? :P

  2. I'm absolutely sure that's true.
    In other news: that rice-wrapped-in-a-shoe looks disgusting ..but to each her own, I say.
    So bizarre to have you on skype during Bible study last night ... bizarre in a good way. We used to talk about technology reaching a point where we imagined sitting in a chair in our bathrobe and talking ... I don't know that many of us imagined we could carry the person with us wherever we went ... we're taking you to Adrienne's baptism.

  3. Wait a minute ... this is not Adrienne, it's your mother ... somehow she's signed onto your blog and ... well ... never mind ...

  4. Glad you ditched creepy guy - he was speaking english? Must have to understand him - can't blame a guy for trying!
    Looks like the weather is pleasant - not so much here - rain, hail, rain, wind, rain and a little more rain. Actually stopped raining for a bit today - supposed to be nice tomorrow, then - More Rain!
    Glad you're making friends and going out on the town and finding delicious weird things to eat.

  5. Hello Lauren, so glad you used your head and got away from the creepy stalker...the Hillard women and their stalkers..but you were very smart about it all. Cindy, you have one smart young lady! Also glad you made it back after getting lost. I know I still get lost when I travel and it can cause a bit of panic sometimes when there is nothing and no one around who understands the photos of the buildings..I find sometimes in Japan you see cartoon like structures next to modern ones. It seems like that is going on there too. You and inspired Anna and myself to visit you and have you show us around and we could taste test the things you have posted. Eating and sightseeing my kind of trip! Hope you have a very fun weekend. We had sunshine today!!! Anna and Mallory worked at the Thrift store today for Tennis. Allison is staying at the U this weekend to go to the movies. I am sad but I know she has been so good about being here for Anna and I should not be is just hard with both of you not here! Mighty quiet without our 2 talkers. Take care and have a great time.

  6. Kris: I KNEW IT!

    Mother: Haha I know! But there I was!! tis so easy!

    Wendy: We had a little rain mixed with radiation the other day. haha. That was interesting. But I'm glad you've had a little bit of sun!

    Elice: I miss you guys! I get lost too but at least I made it back. and now I know how to get to the stop without getting miserably lost so it should be good!!