Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Floating Markets, where the iced tea was delicious

After the Sanctuary, we decided to head to the floating markets. We took a taxi, (like from an actual service) which was weirdly in a truck. Dustin checked for possible weapons in case we were kidnapped.

We were not kidnapped.

The floating markets were pretty. There was a lack of boats and it was pretty touristy. But we had some delicious food!

These were very good.

 Feed the goats! I did not feed the goats.

 BUGS. Delicious bugs!
I did not eat the bugs. I've had enough scorpion for a lifetime. Also I think those are cockroaches. The worst.

 We had lunch here. It was some delicious soup!
I got some Thai iced tea from this boat. It was amazing. I am a little surprised I didn't get food poisoning, but it was delicious!

We wandered around a bit more until it was time to take the van back to Bangkok. We struggled to find the van company. It was in a strange location and we were again concerned about kidnapping. But, we eventually found the company after quite a bit of googling and we made it back to Bangkok! I swear I was traveling safely and following recommendations. It only seems like I was being insane.

That night in Bangkok, we attempted to find delicious food, but the internet lied to me and we never found it. We ended up getting this weird meat soup that was good, but it did contain what were quite possibly intestines. I didn't feel the need to confirm or deny that fact. In case it was confirmed. I then packed up my stuff and headed to bed, so I could catch my flight to Nepal the next morning!

Here I am with the amazing Thai tea.

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