Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bangkok by Night

We went to the Baiyoke Sky Tower to see some views of Bangkok, which were very cool!

This was the first picture I took. Clearly it was a very successful picture.
There were 85 floors in the building. I believe we went to the 80th floor to view the city.
I had a hard time figuring out the angles of my camera so I wasn't reflected in my pictures. I figured it out eventually though!

Such an awesome view of the city!

This road was really amazing to see from above.

This was the inside of the tower.

You could also go outside onto a viewing area that moved while you stood still. That was kind of fun. And weird.

It was lit with various colored dots.

And Spiderman was hanging from the tower!

The next morning we went to Pattaya to see the Sanctuary of Truth, but that will be the next blog!

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