Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wat Tuol Tom Pong, where we were slowly chased by dogs.

It's practically been a year since I was in Cambodia (and Asia) so it's time to finish my blogs! But school is extremely busy. I'll have to find time between all the maybe I'll finish these blogs by next August.
Here are some pictures of Todd and Josiah at their house. Despite the extremely hot weather, you'll notice the Christmas tree since it was December.
The following pictures are the houses around Todd and Jen's house in Cambodia. You'll notice there's a bit of a dichotomy between a lot of the houses. Open sided shacks were placed right next to mansions.

I don't think I ever would have gotten used to seeing small children on motorcycles!

On one of my last days in Phnom Penh, Todd and I went to a local temple near where they lived, called Wat Tuol Tom Pong.

The first thing we saw that this giant pig. There was a brief moment where I thought it was a statue, until I realized it was peeing. You'll notice that giant puddle behind him? That is urine. I repeat, that is the excessive amount of urine that came out of his body.
There he is with the temple behind him.
This is the local temple.

There was a small funeral happening during our visit.
Todd and I wandered around the temple for a little while. It was quite large and beautiful. Todd explained that there was a local temple in each district used every day, while Wat Phnom isn't used every day.

This is a wall around the temple.

There were small people and animals hidden in the walls around each of the gates.

Here's a large turtle!

And a cat.
And the aggressive dogs that were chasing us slowly around the temple.
Here's a snake!

The inside of the temple was pretty sparse.
Here's a chicken.

Here I am looking extremely small.

A giant Buddha.

A line of stupas just outside the temple.
This little boy came up to us while we were looking around. He was begging for money, which was heartbreaking.

Stupas and motorcycles.

Also, two schoolgirls wandered by and were ecstatic when I said hello back to them. (There was a school right by the temple which was just let out for the day.)


One of my last days in Phnom Penh, Josiah discovered his toes and it was adorable. He would do everything to grab them, which based on the grunting sounds he made, included preventing his own breathing.

"But I want to touch my toes!"

"But I really want to touch my toes!"
Overall, my time in Phnom Penh was fabulous. It was great to spend time with Todd and Jen, since I had only met Jen for about 8 hours total. And Josiah is adorable!

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