Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Traffic in Phnom Penh

I managed to spend 10 days in Phnom Penh with Todd and Jen and not write in my journal at all due to a couple of factors. Wandering around quite a bit and also lounging. I wrote a couple of notes in my phone of quotes and places to remember.

One of those was a quote by Todd when we were wandering around Wat Phnom, the main temple in the center of the city. "It feels like we are covered in a blanket of wetness." Did I mention it is very hot and humid in SE Asia?

This specific blog is going to focus on the one thing I felt shocked by in Cambodia: The traffic.

It was terrifying and awesome at the same time! And, yet, somehow, I never actually saw a car accident. My friend Ben had told me before that crossing the street would be intense. He mentioned that you just have to walk into traffic at a continuous speed and people would walk around you. I learned that that was true.

People drove cars, vans, tuk-tuks, mopeds and motos all over the place and all at the same time with no rhyme or reason. It was quite the spectacle to see!

To the left and below is Todd and Jen's street in Cambodia.

This is the traffic on the way to the Killing Fields. The drive wasn't that bad but you can see the mixture of vehicles.

People would pile onto the motos by the dozens, it seemed. I saw an entire family of 5, including a small infant, smashed onto a tiny one. It was shocking! And so dangerous! And they weren't wearing helmets!

Todd during one of our many tuk-tuk rides.

I recognize that there are a lot of videos here, but they all show the traffic situation pretty clearly. Watch one or all!  There's a cute one of Josiah mixed in there! He learned how to kick the legs of his toy to make his toys shake. So adorable.

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