Sunday, June 22, 2014

The photobombs of Vienna.

Adrienne had an excessive amount of photo bombs in Vienna (292) and I also started joining in to ease my annoyance at Adrienne. So here are the final cut of Vienna. There are not 292 in this blog, so don't worry!

Remember, I also include pictures where Adrienne took pictures of me when I didn't want her to. Or cut my head off. Or put it very small in the corner of the picture.

Here is Adrienne purposely making my face really small and in the corner, so you can barely see me.
 Adrienne walking into my Opera House picture.
 Adrienne blocking my picture of the weird sign

Adrienne and the formerly mustached museum.
Here I am getting back at Adrienne.
And Adrienne getting back at me for getting back at her.
And me getting back at Adrienne for getting back at me for getting back at her.

And so on.

 A picture with no background.
 Adrienne leaping,  as usual.
I think I was preparing for her to take a picture unprepared.
 Clearly I was annoyed.
 Trying to look less annoyed.
 Adrienne's profile in front of a fountain.

Adrienne looking perfect in my attempt to bother her.
 There we go.
 Her reaction.
And her response.
Wandering into photos is one of her specialties.

 And jumping into photos is her other specialty.
 Adrienne the cyclops.
  Adrienne looking unhappy for some unknown reason.
The saga continues.

 Adrienne is clearly in a huff.
I decided to give up and just smile as I approached the camera, so at least the unwanted pictures would be good pictures.
 Blurry Adrienne.
 Blurry Lauren. Unwanted pictures don't work well at night.

 Adrienne casually being in the way.

It is unknown whether or not this was my fault or her fault
 Hysterical laughter is breaking out in her attempts to photobomb!

 Vienna should be in this picture.

She did not enjoy getting a taste of her own medicine.
  At least the clouds are pretty.

 Blurry Adrienne again.
 So much jumping.
 This was me. Or it could be Adrienne really close to my camera.

"Don't you dare!"

Adrienne is slumping. 

  Who knows what's happening here.

 Purposely smiling so there are no horrible candid pictures, previously left out of my other photobombs because I look ridiculous.

 More jumping.

 T-rex arm.
 Adrienne being uncooperative.

 And continuing to be uncooperative.
 Adrienne hysterically laughing and jumping at the same time. It was quite the feat.
 Annoyed Adrienne. She is looking annoyed at her own photobombing shenanigans.

 Good heavens
 Adrienne blur.

Trying to look normal as I don't want my picture taken and am clearly trying to put something in my purse.

 Blurry Adrienne, another specialty.
 Slightly jumping.

 More jumping.

 My "really, you're still doing that after a month?" face

My "seriously, stop it!" face

Adrienne refusing to get out of my picture.

That is my "I'm annoyed and also super sweaty" look.

"oh haha, I'm so original and funny"

 I am the dark shadow at the bottom.
 Me: "You barely made it in!"
Adrienne: "How's this!"

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  1. I always end up laughing at the end of your posts....You girls, good heavens.