Monday, June 23, 2014

The final photobombs of Europe

And finally, our last photobombs of Europe, taken in Salzburg and Germany.

Adrienne taking a picture of me unprepared.

Adrienne leaping and whipping her hair back and forth.

Adrienne leaping in the other direction.
I am unsuccessfully joining in on the leaping.

Walking back towards the camera.
The blur that is Adrienne.
Adrienne with Tim Burton cartoon teeth.
 Honestly. 3 in a row?
Adrienne ballet photo bombing.

Adrienne's skeleton fingers.

More jumping.
Adrienne's forehead.
Adrienne purposely cutting off my head.

Adrienne hurling herself into the air.
Adrienne's giant nostrils.
"I'm not reading. Just walking."

Also, if you look closely, you can see my enormous mosquito bite that made me concerned about possible poisonous bugs.
Adrienne jumping.
and whipping her hair.
"model" like
And more jumping.
A candid talking photo.
I'm not sure what this is. It could be a photobomb. Or I could be taking a picture of her when she doesn't want me to.
Adrienne complaining about the hike up to the castle. "I hate exercise!"
Adrienne cutting off my face and making everything sideways.

"stop that!"-while simultaneously pursing my lips.
Adrienne blocking out all of Salzburg.
Adrienne zooming in to close to my face so there's no background.
And closer.
And closer. I actually really like this picture.
And closer.
Come on Adrienne.
Adrienne completely the point of putting your head into one of those things. To get a picture of the whole body!

Further leaping.
Sneak attack!

"Would you please stop taking candid pictures! I am sweaty and tired of it!"

Casually walking by.
More casual walking. In exactly the same spot...
Whoosh and blur!
Blurry leaping.
Blurry landing.
Walking. Unbeknownst to me, she was photographing me.
Adrienne looking ridiculous.
Casually walking by again

Blurry jumping.

Blocking out everything in the picture.
Adrienne's refusal to take a picture with any background.

And still no background.
Casually laughing, knowing that Adrienne would immediately take a picture.

You will have to ask Adrienne to explain her leaping obsession.

Because her obsession is getting out of control and becoming an addiction.
That is clearly turning her crazy.

"I refuse to look at you"
"oh come on"

You can judge Adrienne's feelings by looking at her reflection in my sunglasses.

"You are cutting out everything"

"I've had it."

"Haha-I'm so funny"
"I mean, really, I'm just so funny."

I'm being double photobombed here. By Adrienne and by the stream of light.
"This is getting ridiculous Adrienne."
"I just want to take a picture of the abbey"!

"I give up"

"No, really, I give up!"

And the very last one.

And that concludes my official last blog of my European trip in 2013. I finished it almost exactly 1 year to the day of leaving for the trip.

I can now blog about other things, like the rest of my time in the states, life in Korea over the last 9 months, visits from Marsha and Greg, Adrienne and Grant and Allison!

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