Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brief Hiatus from Blogging

For those of you who read my blog, you'll notice I haven't posted in about a month. My computer is currently broken, so most of my email and Facebook use is from my phone. It also makes blogging a bit difficult. Also, I'm back in Gig Harbor for the summer, so I won't be blogging because I'll be busy having fun and traveling some more! Once I get back to Korea, I will fully update everyone on my summer adventures.

For now, here are a couple pictures from my first week and a half at home. For some reason, they are completely out of order, but I don't really feel like fixing them at the moment.

 Kellie and I!
The harbor
 Minerva looking like she is plotting a murder
 The harbor!

I was in the Gig Harbor parade, which included this enormous float for Multicare.

I walked for mom's bank, Kitsap Bank, but the Heritage Bank people had goats. GOATS!
 They organize the flower pots...
 Alana and I!
 All of us not taking a normal photo.
 The parade!

 Seattle Art Museum across from Kaitlyn's apartment!
 Seattle Waterfront
 The parade!

 Kaitlyn and I


 Allison and I at Pikes Place!

 At the parade....

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  1. Totally out of order, but I'm glad you posted.