Friday, May 10, 2013

Resting Eyes and Flying Purses

A couple months ago (before China, which took up much of my blog making in the past couple months but just after my laser eye surgery), my friend Hae Jung and I headed to the Tim Burton exhibit not too far from where we live.

It was about a week and a half after my laser eye surgery. I headed out the door exactly on time, got to the bus stop, realized I had forgotten my anti-inflammatory eye drops and ran back to my apartment, which naturally meant that I was late. As usual.

I arrived at the subway station and we headed to the museum.

Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures in the exhibit, only outside by the entrance and some wall paintings and movie posters.
The exhibit was awesome. I couldn't read small print very well yet, so I did spend a lot of time leaning forward a bit too close to the wall to read the printing on his sketches. Occasionally, I would translate for Hae Jung, but she understood quite a bit as well.

We both laughed at the eyeballs that were tucked into bed and it said, "Just resting his eyes."

There were a lot of eyeballs throughout the exhibit.

There were also a lot props from various movies. Edward Scissorhand's scissor hands, the carousel from Beetlejuice, the razors from Sweeney Todd.

There were also a TON of his sketches and various stories. They played some videos, including a weird Hansel and Gretel that looked extremely unrealistic.

Overall, it was quite fun. I enjoyed the exhibit a lot, even though I couldn't read anything without a lot of effort.

Afterwards, we headed to the same traditional Samgyetang restaurant that we went to last year after going to Deoksugung. We both initially said, "Oh, no, we just ate there," but then realized it had been a year.

Hae Jung commented on my chopstick abilities, which meant I immediately lost the ability to use chopsticks and dropped my chicken with a splash into my soup.

On the way home, I had an incident on the bus. I really try to be an unassuming foreigner, who doesn't cause problems or a ruckus as I get around town. Usually I wear headphones and go around quietly.

That was completely ruined when I tripped on the bus as it was stopping and my purse went flying off my arm into a poor woman's face. I was equally as surprised as she was, but she, obviously and rightfully so, looked very annoyed.  Sigh. If only clumsiness was not my lot in life.

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