Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am not sure if I've mentioned before that garbage cans are non-existent in Korea. They are nowhere to be seen, unless you are in a cafe or restaurant where you clear your own food/drink.

I have seen about 2 garbage cans on the street and basically nowhere else.

But, where do you put your garbage? You may ask.

In my purse. My purse kind of piles up with various garbage and plastic until I realize it needs to be emptied.

Then, the process is repeated.

I've asked my students where they throw things away. They either say that they put it in their pocket or wait until they get home. A few have said they just throw it on the street or near a garbage bag that will be picked up (by the garbage-picker-uppers).

Garbage day is awful. They don't have any dumpsters here, so they put it in a giant pile and until pick-up, which is who knows when. And it smells. So badly. At least with dumpsters, you can close the lid and it's not too bad. (PS: I forgot the word dumpster and had to search "large garbage can" on google to remember. Clearly I've been here too long).

They really need to figure out the garbage, I must say.

To prove the point that I am not the only one who has noticed this, here's this: 

Also, remember this from the Cherry Blossom Festival? That's the worst I've seen it, but this is what happens when there are not garbage cans to be seen anywhere.

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