Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fireworks and Vampires

Over the summer, when it was really hot outside, Carrie and I went to a Louvre Exhibit, which had items from the Ancient Greece and Rome exhibits, which was fabulous. We couldn't take pictures, but here's some pictures of the outside. And a picture of a brand of wine, which is called Vampire for some inexplicable reason.

This summer, Shola was in town. We met while studying German in Austria and finally saw each other again. I had slight communication issues, due to the fact that I was mixing German, Korean and occasionally French into my attempt to speaking. Luckily, she speaks both German and Korean, so it worked out fine. It was great to catch up with a friend from Vienna! Hopefully, I get there this summer so I can see everyone again!

Here's a picture of an incoming typhoon. The one that turned out to be extremely boring and uneventful in Seoul.
Hye Jin and I went to see a fireworks show. It was an international fireworks show, where countries such as France, the US and China gave fireworks shows, which were pretty awesome. I tried to take pictures, which was a bit difficult, but some of them turned out well.

There were a ton of people, as is normal at any event in Seoul.

Here are the people.

I enjoyed taking some night pictures while we were watching the fireworks.
We walked a lot to see all the fireworks, then walked some more to go back to our neighborhood. Hye Jin said, "Don't worry, it's very close!"

5 miles later, we made it back to the bus stop. She underestimated a bit.

That black spot was completely invisible, but then showed up in my picture and shocked me.

I asked what it was...Apparently it's an island. It was just too dark to see it.
Traffic because people were watching the fireworks.

The people again.

More people

Traffic again.

That's the main government building.
A cool bridge at the end of our super long, but very nice walk.

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