Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Samcheongdong, Vikings and Wicked

I have a bunch of random photos that I figured should be put into a blog, but don't fit into anything. Mostly since they've been sitting in the "Must put in blog" folder on my computer for so long, I can't remember exactly when I took them. I do remember when, though.

These crying babies were in a cafe and mildly terrifying.

However, not as terrifying as the scarily real eyes of this woman.
Samcheongdong in the Winter. Last Winter. It's beginning to get cold again, so definitely too late for this picture.

I had to wear my heat-tech leggings tonight for the first time, which makes me extremely sad.
The cafe in the cute neighborhood (Samcheongdong again) that Carrie and I frequent.

The Viking Hat in Samcheongdong.
The weird hand thing.

This is the traditional village, Bukchon, near Samcheongdong. This was in the summer with Hye Jin when it was horrendously hot and we sweated our way through the village, then immediately found a cafe with an air conditioner.

The summer was spent wandering from air conditioner to air conditioner.

The winter will be spent wandering from heater to heater.

The view of Samcheongdong from Bukchon Village. You can see the cafe we frequent from here.

Here's a statue.

And a skull.
This is Yeti. The Indian restaurant previously written about, which I have grown slightly less obsessed with. Aka I don't go there twice a week. It's been a full month, which is quite the feat and surprising.

The Yeti on the wall, which looks really terrifying in photos with my phone.

See, quite terrifying.

Well, both are quite terrifying.
The Viking Hat in Yeti.

My favorite meal.
The cups.
Myeongdong! The great shopping area.
These were weird. and then they posed for the photo, which made it weirder.
Thor. clearly I was embarrassed to be taking the picture with fake Thor.
There, that's better.
Near Myeongdong. I think it's a theater.

Butterfingers! They serve American style breakfast. Their french toast is amazing and wonderful. Sometimes, you just need french toast.

I saw Wicked twice this summer. I said to myself, "Should I see it once and sit close, or twice and sit far away?"

So, naturally, I saw it twice. Unlike Mamma Mia, it was in English, with giant boards projecting the Korean subtitles.

It was the Australian cast and absolutely fabulous.

Phantom of the Opera is coming next month, so of course I'm going.

I went with Carrie the first time, then another girl I will not name, who went slightly crazy soon after and fled the country without telling me.

Here's me being cute in front of the Wicked sign.

I bought the program book, since it has everything in Korean, aka proof that I saw it in Korea, but then also in English so I can actually understand it.
I ran into about 17 students when I saw it.

Well, 3, but still.

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  1. Awesome blog post you got here! I enjoyed your posts on Korea. May you have more great adventures.