Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gangnam Style...Now

Approximately two months ago, I posted this blog about Gangnam Style.

This link now is very relevant to how I feel about the song. It is still constantly playing everywhere.

Also, to update. My Korean class has finished. After massive amounts of studying with Sun Jin, I managed to pass with an 80% and am on to the next level! Last time I took level 2, I got a 40% and obviously had to repeat it. So I am making progress slowly. Unfortunately, the next level doesn't start until March, so I have to wait a bit. I plan on studying level 3 on my own until then, so I at least have some background knowledge before starting and getting lost. I also hope the class isn't at 9AM, because finishing work at 10PM every day meant that I was late almost every single day for class.

And by almost every day, I mean every day.

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