Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Towers and Locks

Last Sunday, Elaine and I went to Namsam Tower with her sister Diane.

Luckily this time I did not forget my camera. Elaine got lost trying to get to the station I was at, which meant that I sat around staring at the various people walking by and getting stared at as well. Also, I saw a little girl dancing and singing for her parents, which was very cute. Eventually, Elaine and Diane made it and we headed up to the tower, taking the cable car again.

Here's Elaine on the cable car:

And the view from the Cable Car:

The delay was worth it because it meant we were on top of the tower during the amazing sunset. It was quite wonderful. But first, the rest of the adventure.

After taking the cable car up, which is hot and crowded by the way, in case you wanted to know, we looked at this thing:

And this thingy:

Before going to the top of the tower, we stopped at the key trees. There is a tradition in Korea, where couples go to Namsam Tower, buy a lock, place a lock on the tree or fence and throw away the key. Then, it means the couple will stay together forever. It's kind of cute. Here are some of the locks and messages:

And this is my favorite one:

"In all this city, There is no rove like ours" Oh dear.

Then we headed to the top of the tower. You go and stand and wait in line and there is this light show thing playing, which is kind of awesome.

Then, you take the elevator up to the top of the tower. The elevator is very cool. It takes about 2 seconds to get you to the top. The elevator also has a cool video of zipping up into space:
Here we are zipping into space.

We got to the top and wandered about the tower. It is very cool and the view is awesome:

They have a cute little postcard station, where you can send a postcard from the highest post office in Seoul:

which lead to me singing "LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRRRR EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK AROUND!!!" for the rest of our time up on the tower.

We played with little kids on the floor which "shatters" when you step on in it, so you can see the ground below. Of course it's a video, but it made the children and Elaine very happy.

We took touristy mirror pictures when we discovered that when you stand at the window and look up, you can see the ground below you...alllll the way below you.

Then, the sun was starting to set and we began taking pictures of the sunset:

Then we got distracted and took pictures with these cut-outs of a famous boy band:

And washed our hands at the sink in the cool bathroom overlooking Seoul:

Then Elaine took pictures with the boyband:

Then, looked at this wall where couples had written messages:

Some including pictures like the one above.

And this amazing one:

Then, we resumed taking our sunset pictures:

Then when the sunset, we took nighttime pictures:

Then, we went back down to the area with the keys and took more nighttime pictures:

After taking the Cable car back down, we met up with Carrie for dinner, then looked around Myeongdong for a while. Then, Diane who had arrived about 36 hours before was exhausted and jet-lagged, so Elaine and Diane headed home and Carrie and I hung out for a while before also heading home.

And that was my second adventure at the tower, this time with a camera.

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  1. Elaine is clearly a perfect sight seeing buddy since you are both unceasingly distracted by/interested in random things no way related to the actual sight you've set out to see. Way to embrace the old saying: "it's not the destination, it's the journey" haha. And now for some observations:
    1) The City scapes are fantastic at any time of day - this gave me a better idea of where you're living - somehow a bird's eye view is helpful.
    2)The key trees are out of control. Lovvvve is definitely in the aaaaaair in Seoul.
    3)Whoever built the tower put some fun touristy things in to entertain people unlike the Space Needle which has only gift shops.
    4) So glad you and Elaine are practicing good hygiene, even while busy touring. Handwashing is vital :-)
    5)What the heck with the boy band cut-out? How is this related to the other tower exhibits or the tower itself? Do they switch out the boy band cut-outs weekly? It is to ponder, I say.
    6) Your blog is like being there. You don't miss a thing ... thanks.