Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dumbledore and Language Barriers

I have another student story that happened today.

I don't even remember what we were talking about, but I said to my students, "Oh you know, I'm really old." And one of my students said, "You're the same age as Dumbledore right?" and I said, "What!?" He said, "Dumbledore was 115 when he died and are you the same age?" I decided to respond maturely and said "No of course not. I'm the same age as Voldemort" (who, if you are not a fan of Harry Potter, was about 67 in the books).

I showed my students pictures of my family, mostly to show that Grant's hair is lighter than mine and they all said "Your brother is very handsome!" I thought Grant would appreciate that.

There was a centipede in Queena's apartment, too. Clearly there is an infestation. She said she's never seen one in the apartment before and there are officially two sightings.

I had a package sent to me (of water filters for my Brita filter, very exciting I know). I wasn't home, so they left it at the market next to my apartment. The man is very friendly but we can't say anything to each other. I basically just said "Box?" and he spoke to me in Korean. I showed him my name and then "package" and "mail" in my phone dictionary. There was a lot of Korean being spoken and me pretending to kind of understand. I actually did kind of understand with his hand gestures, but I had no way of saying "They left a package for me here." Then, I saw my package on the ground and said "AHHH!" and then we both laughed a lot, because we knew we never would have communicated that I needed a box the mail person had left for me. I will be happy when I start Korean classes in September!!

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  1. Love the stories and the new background for your blog ... and signing up for Korean is a good thing -- have you officially signed up?