Friday, June 9, 2017

My final evening in Kathmandu

My last evening in Nepal, following the Pashupatinath Temple, I wandered around Durbar Square one final time. Again, I cannot explain to you how much I love Nepal and the people, so it was great to just wander around the square and people watch. Afterwards, Elise, who I met at the temple, led me to the place with the best lassis, which were delicious. I then went to dinner with Lana, who I'd met in our hostel and a friend she'd met. The following day, I flew back to Bangkok and sat next to a man and his father, who were from Switzerland. The father was a leading expert on Nepal and Tibetan art, and the son was helping him take pictures for a new book. They were very interesting to talk to. I made my way to the hotel in Bangkok, got food from a truck (delicious pad thai) and then headed to bed to wake up for my 6:45 tour start time!


Some of my instagram photos.

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