Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Wonderful Beaches of Bali! And monkeys. Always monkeys.

After leaving the amazing Mulia Resort while practically kicking and screaming, we headed to two very beautiful beaches.

Our first stop was Dreamland Beach. Since we had a car (the same tour guide who spoke Korean) we had to take this fancy shuttle bus down to the beach. And by fancy, I mean quite old and rickety on the inside. But, we didn't have to go very far.

The beach was beautiful! The water was so incredibly blue! The waves were quite a bit stronger than Kuta Beach, which caught me by surprise a couple times. By the time I left the beach, my pants were went up to my hips. There is picture evidence showing how that happened.

This is me on most vacations: Taking pictures of beautiful places!

It was a very hot day, but a perfect time to take pictures.

Sneaker wave approaching...
anddddd RUN!
Never mind.

My lovely feet.

Here I am, nicely standing away from the water.
The water suddenly approaches.

Hint: do not take pictures while standing near water with possible waves.


Because your friend will see the waves coming and get the perfect picture of you being caught by surprise.

The waves were getting stronger and stronger while we were there, until they finally called all the people out of the water.

The Viking Hat made it to Bali! Luckily, the only place it hasn't made it was to Japan. Both times I went I forgot to bring it, but it's made it to every country I've visited since 2008.

Our next stop was Padang beach.

There were monkeys, which made it much more treacherous than expected! More on that later.

As we approached the walk down to the beach, the girl in front of us and I noticed that the people coming up were breathing really hard. We both agreed that due to their breathing, it would be a long way down. Luckily, it wasn't too bad and those people were apparently just out of shape. The walk down was down a very narrow staircase.
At the bottom of the stairs!
This beach was my favorite beach. The water was so clear and a gorgeous blue-green.
I mean, really, look at that water! And the baby tree growing out of that rock.

I accidentally walked in front of the person taking a picture of this man. Normally, I'm more considerate than that but the man had a HUGE telephoto lens and was approximately a mile away from the man hanging off the rocks.

I liked how the sand was a mix of light brown and black.
Here I am with the rock and the baby tree.

The sun was so bright!

The waves caught me by surprise again here, but unfortunately that was not caught on camera.

When we walked down to the beach, there were 2 monkeys up in the trees, when we walked back up, they were everywhere! And I mean, everywhere!

In the trees and on the ground.
This one was angrily bearing his teeth at everyone, including me. I took a picture of him while he was looking a bit angry, except look at him. He looks like he was just smiling serenely. I can assure you, he was terrifying!
This guy was just hanging out and eating.
The stairway.
There was a temple at the top of the hill, which was filled with monkeys of varying sizes.
Little ones.
And if you look carefully, they are all gathered on and under the platform.

They were menacing about everywhere. I had forgotten my slight fear of monkeys until I was surrounded once more.

Afterwards, we headed to Uluwatu Temple, where we experienced beautiful views and more monkeys. But, that will be the next blog!

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