Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eating Strange Foods Take 2

I had another visitor! Kellie came to visit and she decided to explore the exciting world of exotic food: Kimchi.

This restaurant serves my favorite kimchi and pork. It's amazing. The kimchi is my favorite part of the restaurant. We eat there pretty frequently.

Kellie felt differently, unfortunately.

But, she realized that when Grant, Adrienne and Allison had eaten live octopus and she'd only tried kimchi, she needed to be a bit more adventurous. With no coersion or prompting from me, Kellie tried live octopus.

This was the result.

The quote immediately following that was, "Kellie, remember when you ate live octopus and farted in fear?"

She agreed with me (and Grant) that live octopus does not taste bad (it's quite delicious!) but she couldn't get over it "feeling like chewing on human muscle."

I ended up eating a lot of octopus, which continued to try and escape their plate, even though they were dead.

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