Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hills are Alive Round 2!

Well, I will begin this post with a picture of me creeping in the shadows behind a cow decorated with "The Sound of Music" locations.

I wanted to take Adrienne to Salzburg, since I went with my friend Hyojeong and we had a fabulous time.

And "The Sound of Music" tour was one of the best moments of my life, hands down. I mean, how can you not love seeing the locations of your favorite movie while also singing along to the music?

Adrienne and I had an uneventful early morning train ride, arriving in Salzburg around 10 AM. We dropped off our bags at the hostel, then headed to get breakfast.

We passed the wonderful Sound of Music cow on the way to breakfast.

We also stopped by Mirabell Palace and Gardens, one of the many locations in Salzburg in the Sound of Music.

Of course it is extremely beautiful, as is the rest of the city.

Here is a unicorn, located in the gardens.
The flowers were blooming nicely, which was wonderful1
You can see the castle in the background here.
Adrienne looking very excited.

Adrienne in the distance skipping towards the camera ungracefully.
Adrienne missing a leg.

Adrienne finishing her skipping.
Here is the fountain that the children danced around during Do Re Mi.
A lion peacefully overlooking the garden.

Here is Adrienne looking very excited in the tunnel.

And some more skipping.
and more skipping.
and skipping...
The gardens from another angle, with Mirabell church in the background.

A statue decorated with small animals.
A different statue decorated with an anchor.

A small turtle decorating the statue.

Here I am failing at looking like the statue.
Adrienne failing at fitting the statues in the picture.

I do not know what this is.

We walked through the city on a search for a cafe.

We found one in a cute little square in the middle of the city.

Our waiter looked like Voldemort and it was a little unnerving.
We wandered around a bit more, even though Adrienne was wearing a jacket.

I point out that Adrienne was wearing a jacket because it was 10:30 AM and already 87 degrees and clearly getting hotter.

It was quite warm that day, but I was enjoying the city! Apparently it was a lot hotter than the usual high temperature for July, but that's ok.

We looked around a bit more, before heading back to the hostel so we could check in and Adrienne could take off her jacket.
Here is Adrienne sweating in her jacket in front of Salzburg Cathedral.

We went inside the Cathedral, which was built in only 15 years and finished in 1628. How that is possible, I do not know because it is quite large! Apparently during World War II a bomb crashed through the dome and had to be repaired.
The inside of the church is intricate, which is typical of European churches, but it is still beautiful!

Here's Adrienne looking excited as usual!
Here I am looking a bit sweaty due to the extremely high temperature of Salzburg.

You can see the vastness here. I love all the decorations on the ceiling, which have a variety of characters in them.

There were several organs in the cathedral, which we didn't hear, unfortunately.

There's the castle!
Here is man on a golden ball.

I think this might have been a slight photobomb, but I couldn't be sure.

That is Nonnberg Abbey, also in the movie. We walked up there on a different day, which I will write about later.
We took the long way back to the hostel, exploring little back areas of the town, which are beautiful!

Well, maybe not back areas, but places people don't think to look at I think.
The hills are alivveeeeeeee
with the Sound of MUSIIIICCC.

We of course sang quietly to ourselves the whole time.
So many hills that are alive!
The view from across the bridge which the children run along.

Looking at the beautiful castle from across the river, which was beautiful. Even though it was hot and it felt like we were never going to make it back to the hostel.
It was a lovely day though.

Adrienne refused to stop photobombing and this was the best non-photobombing picture.

Very Austrian/German looking hotels.

What looks like part of an old castle.

We walked back through Mirabell gardens again, because when in Salzburg, one must spend a large amount of time in those beautiful gardens.
The flowers are just gorgeous!
 We also saw a lot of roses!
The roses were wonderful.
I mean, look at those roses! and the castles!

We headed to Mozarts Geburtshaus, aka the house where he was born. I learned a lot of things that I had forgotten about Mozart. I also forgot he was only 35 when he died. Imagine what more he could have composed if he had survived longer! Also, he had a sad life. 6 of his 7 children died at a very young age.

We couldn't take pictures inside thee house, but this was a picture of a small area of the house, shared with a person who lives right next door.
We headed to the castle afterwards, which has some fabulous views. I was lucky this time because I didn't have to rush through it! We saw every nook and cranny of that castle.

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