Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Photobombs of Hungary

During our week in Hungary, a large majority of all photobombs occurred. I believe that is because everyone was photobombing with enthusiasm and Lilly joined in with equal enthusiasm.

Here is Adrienne leaping near the Fisherman's Bastion.

Adrienne's blurred face jumping in front of me.

Allison bugging her eyes out as usual.
Adrienne's eyes bugging out.
Allison creeping in front of Sisi.
Anna creeping in front of Sisi.
Me creeping in front of Sisi.
Anna looking scary and Nora looking normal.
Allison looking ridiculous.
Adrienne casually strolling in front of my picture.
Adrienne and Anna. refusing to cooperate

Continuing their lack of cooperation.
Lilly enthusiastically joining in the leaping.
Adrienne's nostrils.
Anna's bugged eyes.
Everything being uncooperative and someone (Adrienne) leaping to weirdly high heights.
Everyone in various stages of leaping.
Adrienne's eyeballs.
Allison creeping along.
Adrienne and Anna casually walking by.
Me giving up and joining in on the photobombing of my own camera.

Other people joining me as well.

Laughing at their "cleverness."

Adrienne's leaping and Anna's creeping.
Another of Adrienne's blur.
Adrienne continuing to refuse to stay out of my pictures.
Everyone refusing to cooperate.
Everyone continuing to be uncooperative.
And they're so uncooperative they are all blurs. Except Allison but she looks a tad crazy.
And complete blurs.
Ghost Adrienne leaping.
Adrienne's hair interfering with everything.
So much leaping.
Adrienne looking thuggish.
Everyone. Everyone is ridiculous.

So much jumping.
So much variety in photobombing techniques.
Adrienne slowly creeping up.
Adrienne and Allison pretending to pout.
And laughing at their "pouting."
Adrienne modelling.
Here we all are at Heroes Square which became one big photobomb fest.

Somehow they coordinated jumping even though they're nowhere near each other. Apparently just to annoy me.
Adrienne the uncooperative.
Their enthusiasm was continuing to increase.
Me continuing to give up and joining in the ridiculousness.
Somebody refusing to take a normal picture of me (Adrienne).

Click. click. click. click.
Adrienne and Anna invading my picture.
This is the most ridiculous picture I've ever seen of Adrienne.
Leaping near the house.
Lilly and Adrienne.
I think this one might be on me.

Anna blurring around.
As usual, various stages of jumping.
So much jumping.
Anna the creepy.
Adrienne the creepy and leapy.
Adrienne refusing to stop taking candid photos of me.

Adrienne invading a perfectly nice photo.
Anddd here we go again.
Anna dramatically posing.

Anna dramatically posing closer to the camera.
And here's Adrienne blur.
Perhaps Allison was fighting off a mosquito and not photobombing. But Anna. Anna is definitely photobombing.
So much blurriness.
Anddd I've clearly joined in.
I have no idea whose hair this is. I think Lilly's hair.
Lilly blur.
These girls are ridiculous
Allison looks innocent but she is mid-walk in front of us.
and walking...oh wait. That's me walking.

And jumping...
And yelling...
And who knows.

I am not sure if I was jumping or just walking swiftly.
Oh dear.
Oh dear again.
Adrienne creepin'
This one is on me again.
Adrienne and Lilly jumping.

I couldn't tell if this is a photobomb, so it's going here anyway.

Adrienne refusing to take a picture of my whole face.

Now Adrienne is refusing to take a straight picture of me.

Anna dramatically leaping in front of the camera in order to block me completely. You can just see my leg behind her legs.

Allison creeping behind the statue.
Allison and Lilly behind the statue. Adrienne being ridiculous.
and continuing...
Adrienne putting her whole body in front of an armored glove.
Adrienne and the Hungarian pottery.
Adrienne leaping.
Adrienne invading.
Adrienne taking a picture of me when I'm not ready. As usual.
So I am putting this in here again of Adrienne sleeping, because she deserves it.

Next up in the blogs, Vienna!

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