Sunday, March 3, 2013

The PHAAANNTOMMM of the Opera is here

Carrie, Jeremy, Alex and I headed to Phantom of the Opera last month. I also saw it last weekend with Craig.

I have LOVED the Phantom of the Opera for a long time. I quite literally have the entire play memorized.

When my family went to London, I wanted to see Phantom, but Grant really wanted to see Spamalot, which I was not interested in, but we went to that instead.

That turned out to be a fantastic decision, because Spamalot is hysterical.

But, almost 5 years later, I finally made it to Phantom. And saw it more than once, so I could experience it from different views.
Also, as you can see, Les Mis is coming in April. It's going to be in Korean, but I might see it again.
It was the 25th Anniversary tour of Phantom, which was lots of fun.

The sets were fantastic. They looked like the inside of the opera house, the lake somehow looked like an actual lake and it was all beautiful. The costumes were amazing as well, especially for masquerade.

The theater was set up with a ton of Phantom masks in various colors.

Here I am.
They had some of the costumes.

And shoes.

And other masks.
And shoes.

When I went with Carrie, Jeremy and Alex, we left and it had snowed quite a bit! The last snow of the season I believe, since we're FINALLY above freezing during the day. Aka, today it was 39 degrees during the day and is now 28, but much better than 0.

We went to Noraebang after going wit Craig, which was lots of fun. My eyes were tired, but I sang a lot of songs dramatically, including the Phantom of the Opera and Total Eclipse of the Heart. Carrie and I sang Evanescence and for some reason could NOT hit the last note of the chorus each time. It was ridiculous.

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