Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas time in Korea Part 2

 Well first, here's a gorilla on a building.

I never quite made it out and about to take pictures of lights at night, mostly because it is 7 degrees outside at night and windy, which, no matter how thick and windproof my gloves are, my hands turn bright pink and hurt. So I have about 5 night pictures and a few daytime pictures, when it's all of 18.

To the right is a bus stop in Gangnam, fully decorated with coca-cola Santas.

See, 7 degrees. Feels like -1. Not joking.

Carrie and I found a Johnny Rockets in Gangnam on Wednesday. That was a surprise. It tasted like an American hamburger. It was super delicious. And unhealthy, since we also got a milkshake, but delicious.

They even had a non-functioning juke box.

And a Christmas tree.

These are at a bubble tea place I go to occasionally.

This was a few weeks ago.

 Here they are at Christmas time.

These pictures are a bit out of order, since some are from my phone and others are from my normal camera. This is a countdown to Christmas tonight. This is thee :43 second mark. I'd gone to dinner with some coworkers and we were discussing what we'd think would happen at the end of the countdown. Music? Dancing? a Christmas video? At about this point, someone said, "Haha wouldn't that be funny if it was nothing?"

Anddddd the countdown finished. And nothing happened. An advertisement started with a rollercoaster.

This is in Hongdae, quite near my house. I took these on Sunday, before my hands froze.

This was weird...apparently it's for religious purposes. My Korean said it was a "really weird religion."

After freezing to death taking 5 photos, I met Carrie and Warren for dinner. We went to meat buffet. Aka a Korean BBQ place with a variety of meat for very cheap.

Then, we went to a cafe and got hot chocolate and took pictures of Christmas trees.
 Oh, and we got this ridiculous cinnamon/caramel bread, which was extremely delicious.

As you can see, I've been eating my feelings.

Just kidding, I don't actually eat extremely unhealthy things all the time. But I will say, good thing I go to the gym.

 I went to Myeongdong to take pictures of the decorations during the day, since it's just too cold at night. I can't hack it.
 The Foot Locker and a snowflake.

 These looked great but I didn't get one.

Oh look, Brad Pitt!

Christmas Eve, after dinner, we went to the Bubble tea place. Apparently they're having some sort of competition and needed to take our picture to enter it. With a polaroid camera. Naturally.

Anyway, it's officially Christmas now. I am skyping with the family in the morning, so we can open presents together, then I have to work until 10PM, which is annoying. It's probably better though, since work will distract me from being sad. I'm just glad we have skype!
Oh, and I ate BBQ octopus and/or squid with the BBQ dinner. Here's a video if it cooking. For your enjoyment.