Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And a new term begins...

I'm enjoying my classes this term. It's only been 2 weeks, but they all seem pretty cheerful and well-behaved.  One of them saw she wouldn't have me today or for the next 3 weeks (my class is cancelled for 3 weeks because of middle school exams) and pouted. Bottom lip out and everything. It was cute. 

My new, un-named HI mentioned that I needed to stop holding my book, while teaching, seeing as it was a comfort measure I can't use at other times. I kind of knew I was doing it, but I just didn't think about putting my book down. I have now been putting my book down, which is going perfectly fine. However, for a couple days I felt like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights when he doesn't know what to do with his hands during the interview scene. In this scene, his hands keep raising up and someone pushes them down again. It was like I had to re-learn how to use normal hand gestures. Hopefully, I'll get that under control soon.

I taught my students about vomit today. What vomit is and why we vomit. So showed some videos of babies vomiting and Bear Grylls eating weird bugs and almost vomiting. By the end of class, endlessly talking about vomiting and reading about vomiting, we all felt sick and about half my students said, "Teacher, I'm queasy!" (New word they learned today). Now, I'm thinking about it and feeling queasy. Or that could be the cockroach that I just killed, because it climbing over my bed and my face.

Remember previous student who said I looked like Stephen Hawking and Jack Sparrow? And drew a mustache on my face? She was in my class in the fall and spring (6 months) and is in my class once again. I think she was mildly horrified to be in my class again, but is back to her usual self, based on these comments.

Student: Do you know who (unknown female pole vaulter) is?
Me: No, I'm not sure. Why?
Student: You look like her
Me: Is this a good thing?
Student: Yes, she's very pretty!

Ok, so that went well.


Student: Do you know who Anne Hathaway is?
Me: Of course! I often hear I talk like her. And my sister hears she looks like her.
Student: Oh, is your sister a lot prettier than you?
Me: -_-


Student: Teacher, you look like you have lost weight! You look very nice.
Me: Thank you, Wendy!
Student: But your hair looks weird. Put it up with your hairband.
Me: -_-

I later said to her, "I never know if you're insulting me or complimenting me." She laughed hysterically.

I think those are all the stories I have for now...

Oh, I'm going to Japan!! I'm going for a few days to see Elaine. I'm extremely excited. We actually have a 3 day weekend, which is unusual, so Ben and I are of course fleeing the country immediately. More posts to follow.

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