Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mountains, the Hulk and Cannibals

Well, here's a blog of random stories, both student stories and others.

Some of my students and I were discussing handicaps. One of my students said, "Voldemort has a handicap. He has a snake nose. That's why he's a serial killer."

I also learned during that discussion that it's illegal to be a detective in Korea, which I thought was interesting...I think that they meant a private investigator/detective but still! 

The other day in class, I said "who knows" in it's usual context. 

Student 1: Teacher, Why is _____ like this?"
Me: Oh, who knows...
Student 2, very seriously: I know!
Me: oops

I had a student describe a "butt" to me as a mountain with the grand canyon in the middle and a river flowing through it.

Student: Teacher, when you smile, it makes you look a little like a child. You are very cute.
Me: Thank you, new favorite student.

Ok, I didn't say "new favorite student" but that's what I wanted to say.

The boys in my class did not appreciate the "Teacher you're cute" comment. For their group project they drew a picture of me + The Hulk. Aka Laurk. And had me get captured by cannibals. Yes that is my decapitated head being cooked and my body on the ground. Good heavens.

I taught the word "capture' to my students the other day. One of my 5th graders said, "In the summer when I am on a diet, Pizza captures my brain!" Then talked about how her brother eats pizza and wafts the smell towards her. Sounded just like Grant!

One of my students wrote on a writing test that "some students are swimming in the sea of video games!"

Today, Carrie and her two friends went to Garosugil to have dinner and went to a cafe after. Her friend was trying to order a piece of chocolate cake. He ordered using the Korean word (which, by the way, the Korean word for cake is "cake" with an extra vowel at the end) and the worker kept holding up juice. He was pointing to the cake and the guy was still not getting it. So I attempted to help, reading the name on the cake, whilst also pointing at the cake, and he was still picking up various juices. And we're still pointing at the cake and getting annoyed. Finally, extremely frustrated, I yelled "THE CAKE!" and he figured it out. Oops.

We laughed about it rather hysterically later. I felt bad, but really, juice and cake do not sound the same, nor were they anywhere near each other in the display case.

Later, we saw a bus driver do a legal u-turn, but couldn't fully turn because a taxi was sitting in the middle of the road. The taxi driver wouldn't move despite the bus driver's honking. The bus driver got out of the bus, opened the door of the taxi and started shoving the taxi driver. He was yelling. Then he got back in the bus and the taxi driver STILL WOULDN'T MOVE! It was so weird. Traffic was building up and he wouldn't move. Eventually he did, but it was so weird!

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  1. I was just thinking that I'd like to see a new blog post ... and here it is! Not sure how I'd react to the story and drawing if I were in your shoes - esp. with cannibals involved. :-) I think they'd be rounded up and sent to school counselors, the school would be in lock down and King 5 news would be alerted. :-) Were you alarmed? Otherwise, your students are brilliant. We should be as creative with our own language.