Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why yes, I did build the pyramids

I somehow managed to convince at least 3 students in one of my classes that my parents had built the pyramids. This is how the conversation went:

Student 1: Teacher, how big are the pyramids
Me: I'm not sure, I haven't been there. My parents visited before and they look big in their pictures.
Student 2: Your parents built the pyramids!?
Me: Yes, they did (sarcastically).
Student 3: Wait, really!? How old are your parents!?
Me: 5000 years old.
Student 2: HOW OLD ARE YOU!?
Me: 4975 years old. I am a vampire didn't you know?
Student 3: Teacher, what!?
Student 4: Of course she's not a vampire!

Later, the same conversation happened again with Student 3. Honestly...

One more story:
Student: You protect your email and password from crackers.
Me: You mean a hacker
Student: no, a cracker. They crack codes. They're called Crackers.
Me: Yes, a hacker. A cracker is food

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  1. Your "one more story" is blocked out! Please repost. That's pretty funny, or would be if it didn't point at our obvious ancientness ... we'd be happy to send pictures of the pyramids, showing us siting/standing on the lower blocks - which are so humungous in comparison to our puny bodies.