Friday, December 9, 2011

National War Museum

Oh Look, I failed once again at blogging successfully. Surprise everyone!

Approximately 5 years ago, Ben and I decided to go hiking. We met at Paris Baguette, a cafe and bakery that is on every corner. The day started out wonderfully. We decided to share a cinnamon roll, which I immediately flipped upside down onto the table:

We still enjoyed the cinnamon roll, but I should have known then...

Approximately 2 seconds later, it started to rain. We decided to abandon our hiking trip and go to the National War Museum. Little did we know that it turned out to be the perfect day for hiking:
Ignore my clothes...I thought we were going hiking.

I mean, look at that blue sky!! It turned out to be a lovely day anyway.

We entered the museum and were immediately confronted by a tiger:
Then we saw this torpedo, which was launched by North Korea last year and killed 46 Korean soldiers.

It was a great museum. They had a lot of information about wars throughout Korean history. They talked about the old weapons and the current weapons. There was a huge section on the Korean War as well, which taught me a lot, since I didn't know as much about the Korean War as I should. It was all very interesting.
Some paintings about the Korean War.
Reconstructions of some old war ships. From the Viking Ages it seems...

Some out of place but pretty paintings.

Literally no idea what this is...

Ben and I discussed how amazing it is that someone creates that with all the little pieces and thinks "no I think that tiny piece needs to go here for that to work." Clearly I'm not an engineer at heart...or brain

Some old, Russian motorcycles.
A plane.
Another plane.
These are 1300 dogtags, which are in the form of a teardrop, to remember fallen soldiers.

We also saw this emergency exit:
Wait, what? you might ask? Where are the stairs? We have no idea. It was just a door in the middle of the room. There were actually several of these throughout the building.
This is what I would refer to as "My worst nightmare" as a child. They had an entire floor that was a playground for children, but it would have been HORRIBLE to play there. There were approximately 3 million children playing and it was a madhouse. Here is a video:

The cars that parked in the walkway, while we were in the museum. They were not there when we arrived.

And that was our experience at the museum.

I had a student call another student "cheaterface" on Saturday. I was shocked

Next blog will hopefully be up before I head home!

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