Saturday, October 22, 2011

King Tutankhamun Carter

This is another blog dedicated to student stories, with some added artwork and letters.

First picture: I may have told this story before, but here's the picture. My middle school students were planning a party and decided to make it a party where girls wear boys clothes and boys were required to wear Hot Pants and high heels.

Story 2: I taught a listening class on King Tut a couple weeks ago for my upper level students. They all knew a huge amount about King Tut, so it ended up being a very fun class, with lots of stories to tell. One student got a little confused when they started talking about Howard Carter, the man who found King Tut's tomb. The following conversation ensued:

Student 1: What is "Carter?
Me: It's a last name, like "Hillard" is my last name or "Kim" might be your last name.
Student 2: Oh Teacher, I thought you said your last name was "Killer!"
Me: hahahaha
Student 1: So, King Tutankhamen's name was "King Tutankhamen Carter?"
Student 3: Oh Irene, you are cute.

Story 3: The same student earlier heard a sentence about the process of making a mummy very clearly, minus one word, which really changed the sentence and made us all laugh hysterically.

The sentence was "They wrapped the dead bodies with long strips of white linen to protect the body during the dehydration and mummification process" She wrote and then read out loud, "they wrapped the dead bodies with long strips of white women to protect the body during the dehydration and mummification process"

Story 4: I then had a student ask about the process of making a mummy, "Teacher, why does salt dehydrate the body?" and, as I was thinking "errr I have no idea" I said "well for some reason it sucks out all the water...have you ever put salt on a slug before?" All my students said no, but they knew what a slug is, so I explained that they shrivel up because they lose all their liquids-- the students looked extremely horrified.

Story 5: Later that very same day, the same student who had the King Tut Carter incident, was writing something and speaking that came out as "I. Am. Your. Father" in a really dramatic voice, which again led to all of us laughing hysterically.

Story 6: I was talking about Disneyland with the same class a couple days ago. They asked about the difference between Disney World and Disneyland. One girl had been to Disney World and said that she was there for 4 days and didn't see it all. I explained that Disneyland was smaller. I then said I went to Disneyland when I was 11 and a student said, in a very surprised voice "IT'S THAT OLD!?!"

I am officially over the hill.

Story 7: A student, who is usually really great in class was basically falling asleep for about 20 minutes and I kept having to wake her up. She came back from after break and said, "The sleep ghost has gone away. Now I live."

Story 8: My lower level classes were talking about a picture, which showed a man fixing a motorcycle with a sticky fruit. I asked my students what was happening and one said, "The man is banana-ing the motorcycle."

Story 9: I had to explain that "snot" is not called "nose water"

Story 10: There was some construction going on directly outside my window, which led to an awkward moment, when there was a construction worker who decided to stare in at all of us (Me) rather than working. I was attempting to explain what a faucet was with a man creepily staring in the 4th floor window, with my students looking at him yelling "HE'S TALKING TO US!!!!!" There was a lot of nervous laughter from all of us.

Story 11: This picture is the epitome of my student's grammar issues. They like to use "is" excessively. Example: last week I was teaching my students "be happy about"

Student: I be happy about
Me: "It's I AM happy about
Student: I am be happy about
Me: No I am happy about.
Student: I be am happy about
Me: I AM happy about, no be
Student: I be am happy about
Me: *thinking* good heavens

Here's the picture

This is look like bread. This is I'm drawing crown.

She was an adorable student, who obviously had trouble using "is" correctly.

Story 12:
This is a picture of me and Grammy. They asked me what she looked like and if she was tall. And what her hair looked like. I said it was short and curly....

And the other picture, drawn the same day:
Apparently I touch my face a lot and I have giant alien eyes and giant lips.

Here are some letters and artwork by my students. And my new flannel sheets in the background of some of them.

This came in a little Minnie Mouse envelope. awww

My students were obsessed with "The Lucky Rabbit"
Notice my face


This is a story of my students on a deserted island, being rescued by dolphins, meeting a shark along the way, fighting the shark and then riding the shark to safety.

I most definitely did not spell, "Boom" "BOOB" but apparently I was misheard. It happens.

And next up, I will finally write about my first trip out of Seoul!

Here is a preview:

You get no further explanation.

Except that I also saw this:


  1. Was it a performance or did they just stand there?? I love your bright blue alien eyes and all the pictures. I am very impressed by their English and know a few people that don't seem to write any better. :) Sounds like your still having a fun time. See you soon.

  2. Love the variety in your posts -- and love the misheard English as well ... not making fun of them, but it's just cute. It seems that you're a well-liked teacher and it's clear that you love teaching English. A great experience ... and we always look forward to your posts and pictures.

  3. Hi Lauren! Love your postings..I am so impressed with your take on things and I agree with your mom, I so enjoy how things are turned around when it comes to speaking by your students. I can just imagine how we would speak if it were me! Glad your out there and exploring. You are an excellent teacher and getting such a worldly education...its so different then sitting in a classroom and learning how to teach vs really doing it and in another country!!!

    I hope to take the girls out walking the harbor for some hot drinks as its Halloween in the harbor today. We will miss you today. The harbor is lovely with the trees all orange and yellow and I hope the rain holds off for the kids out tonight. Is there a similar outing in Korea? Looking forward to seeing ya soon!