Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Worfs, Justin Bieber and Hair.

And here is another update about student stories. I promise, the next blog post will actually be about the National Museum of Korea. But these stories were just too good not to post.
Story 1: Actually, this one is about me. Apparently I started channeling my students in class, because the other day, I misspelled "Wolf" as "worf" when writing it on the board. Not once. Not twice. But every single time I wrote it, which was probably around 7 times. I caught it each time before they noticed, but it was very surprising. Perhaps I was very tired. Oh wait, I know I was. I'd worked from 9AM until 10PM.

Story 2: I overheard one of my female Middle School students say, "Hey Baby, what's up?" to a boy student.

Story 3: Needs no explanation beyond the fact that this was said to me by an 8 year old boy.
Student talking to me: Here you go, Boy
Me: I'm not a boy.
Student: Ok, Hey Baby
Me: Errrr....

Story 4: My students were planning a party for a project. Two of the girl students wanted to play Justin Bieber at the party. The boy student had never heard of Justin Bieber (there's some hope in the world!) so they said "Teacher, will you play the song for us." However, I can't use the internet during class, so it resulted in me singing "Baby, Baby" to my class. *sigh*

Story 5: One of my lower level students said to me (with worse grammar), "I read in a book in the library that in England they call the subway "The tube? Why is it the tube?"
I was very surprised.

Story 6: I was also surprised when I asked the 7 year old in one of my classes, "Do you like dinosaurs?" (we were looking at my stickers together). Thinking she'd just say "yes," I was a little taken aback when she said, very clearly, "I like stegosauruses" and then immediately followed it up (while looking at some bug stickers) "I hate bugs, especially spiders and centipedes." She is a new student and I was extremely impressed. I'm guessing she went to an English Kindergarten, since her English is extremely good. The other day she told me, "I had a dream once that I was very rich and built houses for poor people" in perfect English.

Story 7: But, at the same time, she is definitely still a young, curious child. Today, while standing next to me, she touched my lower leg (I was wearing capris) and, in a very surprised voice, said "What's that!?" referring to my prickly legs. I had to explain that it was my leg hair...How embarrassing.


  1. Always love the student stories -- esp. impressed that you knew Justin Beiber lyrics, so you have a lot of 'splaining to do. Also, very impressive that she knew stegasaurus" and centipede because these are fairly low level English students, right?

  2. You know you love me I know you care. Just shout whenever and I'll be there. You are my love. You are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart! Justin Bieber is the picture of perfection! Just give in. You kow you love him

  3. I love reading your blogs...I see a book in the making...you have a gift for writing. It is fun to see both you girls, (Allison) blogging about travel. I am excited for both of you.