Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Events during the time without a computer

Lots of things happened while I didn't have a computer...There is about a month of blog posting that I need to do, but I will probably shorten it a bit into just a couple posts.

Lets see, I hung out with Carrie a lot. She lives about 30 minutes by train from me, so we're able to see each other a lot. Basically, we eat food and shop. Korean BBQ tends to be where we end up, but occasionally sushi or kimbap. I bought a few decorations while wandering around with her. I also went in search of black flats (since the ones I bought right before I left completely fell about a week) and ended up with 3 pairs of shoes.

These adorable flats:

These converses, which I did not intend to buy them, but I loved them:

and these black flats:

at least I got what I went out for!

Also, I got these boxes, which I figured I'd use for storage and decoration.

This box is holding my sweaters that I don't need now that I'd 100 million degrees every day...aka, 92. But feels like 100 million. I just wander around overheating all over the place. I made it myself! As in, I put it together from a box making kit. By myself since I don't read Korean. All those years working in medical records really paid off I suppose...I can put together boxes!

Oh and I got this picture frame for a dollar at daiso...The picture inside is of Vienna, so I figured I could use it until I print a picture to actually put inside it!

Here I am hanging out with Carrie and Tricia.

This is Carrie.
This is Tricia. and me obviously
A coffee shop we went to
The cake we delicious

Here we were eating dinner earlier that day.

There will be further pictures of us eating together.

My birthday fell on the last day of the term with my favorite class. They were all very attached to me and were all really upset when they realized I wouldn't be their teacher. A lot of the girls wrote me letters. A few wrote a goodbye note on my board too:

I felt flattered. They come to visit me. Tis cute.

After work, the majority of us coworkers went out for dinner, since it was my birthday.

We went to this place that's pretty close to work. We just got various snack food-y things and hung out and chatted.
Matt and Brian looking a little crazy haha...and my other coworkers
Blossom, Bree, Me, Jane
Peter, Queena, Cindy, Blossom, Bree
J and I
Drew, Brian, Kim, Octavian, Steve
Blossom, Bree, Jane

We all had to work early the next morning, so we headed home. Saturday, I worked. Then, we all went out to eat as a Birthday/Going away for Octavian, Drew and Steve. We had planned to go to a restaurant in Myeongdong that served some kind of food that I don't know about, but we ended up at Tony Roma's, where I got a hamburger that was great! Again, we just hung around and chatted. Then we wandered around Hongdae til late in the evening. Then we hung around the apartment building til about 4am. I'm glad I get along with my coworkers so well!
Feng Xia, Cindy and I not being ready.

On that Sunday, I met Carrie and Elaine and we went out to dinner at this Korean fast food place where we got various types of Kimbap, then looked around the mall near Carrie. I ended up buying a purse (and a new book since I was trapped without any books in my apartment. My books got purged on my way here, but for some reason I brought a bunch of books I'd already read instead of the news ones I had from 2Am panic packing made me leave behind some pretty important things! Luckily, my friend Emily is sending me a package which is including "Bossypants" by Tina Fey and I'm extremely excited.

We looked around some more, then went to a coffee shop called "A Twosome Place" that Carrie's students told her was the best around. It was pretty good.

But, we passed this cafe on the way there.

This alligator(?) was just hanging out on display in the window.

And this turtle.

He was cute

We also saw George Clooney at the mall:

We're pretty sure that a hand that does not belong to George Clooney was photoshopped into the picture...

Anyway, that's my blog post for the time up until my birthday. I don't think I missed anything...I will add if I remember anything. If not, more blog posts to come


  1. Thanks for the pictures ... you didn't label everyone, but it's interesting to see the people you work with. After you get more things to decorate your apartment, you'll have to send pictures since I've otherwise pictured you living inside a white cube for 3 months.

  2. I am so glad you're back up and posting again! I also agree that is indeed another person's hand in the the George Clooney picture! : ) It looks like you are having a very good time and hopefully enjoying the million degree weather because ours has has been rather foul!

  3. haha Tralynda, we've entered monsoon season now, so the weather is a bit chilly and not a million degrees! I bet the weather there is nice there now! I am glad that I'm back up and posting again too! working on a post now

  4. Hey Lauren! Nice to see you online is the weather...has the high winds kicked in yet? We miss you. But keep sightseeing and letting us know how its all going. Thomas read that we have had only 18 MINUTES of weather that touched 80...and only 17 hours of weather that is between our summer can be counted in hours...We are going on a driving vacation down to California. No flying this time! Hope your having fun out there..I will let you know when I am next on yourside of the world.